Simple Truth Small Book, Big Impact.

Small book, Big impact is designed to accord you an impetuous to begin your journey of a lifetime to realize your full potential and assist you to connect with others while you share your aspirations. You will get to comprehend and define the key drivers of success in life and what it takes to draw out the best in our own self and others. Enjoy the book! More

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About Moffat Were

Moffat Were writes books, which, considering where you're reading this. Makes perfect sense. He has written several fiction books including a well known short stories series, Nyalpok. He also has written nonfiction such as SIMPLE TRUTH, on subjects ranging from personal wellness to astronomy to film. He is an active member of a local community based organisation; Kenya Economic Youth Network (KEYNET) and also a project coordinator of art school in Mombasa, Kenya. He's been an ambassador of youth empowerment, peace and alcohol and substance abuse against drugs thus visiting many institutions, organisations, across the country and also attending seminars and holding mentorship programmes to both the young and the old.
He has basically majored in playwright Wright; and some of his projects include, CASE FILE NO. 13, BUSH MEAT, DON'T DATE, JUST MARRY, BIG POT. Bold, Talented, and Leadership skills is what can describe him best.

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