African B2C Millions

AFRICAN B2C MILLIONS sees townships and ghettos as special and scientific economies; and with advantages favourable to young black entrepreneurs. It features research, insights, patterns and forecast by Tiisetso Maloma and various other contributors from around the world. More
This book is not currently available in any format because it has not yet been released—available 2019-04-17.
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April 17, 2019
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About Tiisetso Maloma

Author of ‘The Anxious Entrepreneur,’ ‘Township Biz Fastrack’ and 2 other business books. Pattern Modeller. Creator of EBC Business Model and Business Me Young. Contributor to outlets such Biz Community and Huffington Post. Parallel entrepreneur for over 10 years. Consultant, writer and speaker on entrepreneurship, marketing, publishing and development economics.

Worked with Standard Bank, The Innovation Hub, ABSA, The Hope Factory, Transnet Matlafatso Centre and Ndalo Media.

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