Neboť Kdo Má, Tomu Bude Dáno, A Kdo Nemá, Tomu Bude Odňato I To, Co Má

Ježíš Kristus odhaluje šokující princip, který řídí prosperitu a bohatství. Ten, kdo má, bude mít víc! To zní tak nespravedlivě! Přesto je to však realita, která se nám každý den odehrává před očima.
Cílem teto knihy je vysvětlit tento málo známý fenomén, o němž hovoří biblické verše. Prostřednictvím nové knihy autora Daga Hewarda-Millse získáte vhled do záhady obklopující prosperitu.

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About Dag Heward-Mills

Dag Heward-Mills is known for his Healing Jesus Crusades throughout the continent of Africa with thousands in attendance and many accompanying miracles. The son of a lawyer, Dag gave his life to the Lord while a teenager.
In the course of his seven-year training at Medical School, he became a pastor in Accra, Ghana and started what is now a fast-growing denomination: Lighthouse Chapel International, which has over 1,000 branches and is on every continent.
It was in 1988 in Suhum, a small town in Ghana, that God placed upon him the anointing to teach. He began holding meetings in a classroom on campus that accommodated just a handful of people. As attendance steadily increased, larger and larger halls had to be used, until finally, in 2006, he commissioned the construction of one of the largest church complexes in Africa!
A prolific author of several best-selling books, his radio, TV and internet programmes reach millions around the world. Other outreaches include pastors and ministers conferences and the renowned Anagkazo Bible and Ministry Training Centre.

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