The Art of Doing Time

This book is a blueprint on how to survive and stay out of the Penal System. More
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May 15, 2019
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About L.P. Henson

L.P. Henson is a native of Ghana, West Africa who was raised and educated by the streets of the United States earning him the name, The Street Philosopher for his street philosophy. As a street philosopher, he adds a touch of real-life experiences or encounters to create a great story. He has no degree or awards. He is a high school dropout who obtained his G.E.D in one of the worst prisons in the state of Maryland. ( the prison is Maryland House of Corrections, a.k.a. “The Cut” was closed in 2006 due to many factors but mainly it was old, build in the 1800’s, and for the violence associated with this prison, even correctional offers started to get killed.) As mentioned, L.P. Henson has no degree so there is no criminology or penology degree to be found in his home or office, but what makes him an expert on these two topics, criminology, and penology is because he has lived it and tested what he has learned. As a youth, he grew up on the streets and made a lot of bad choices from selling drugs to white collar crimes and he paid for some of the choices he made by spending almost 20 years dealing with state and federal judiciary and penal systems.

When he was jailed or prisoned he spent most of his time studying and learning the very system that incarcerated him. He studied the law, learned the judiciary and penal system and became the most sort out jail-house-lawyer in every institution he was housed. He helped a few inmates go back to court and eventually getting their sentence either reduced or completely vacated. He also filed his own motions and ended up serving only four years on a fifteen-year sentence for drugs and handgun possession. After his release and became a law-abiding citizen and an author he still helped other inmates will their legal work. He has started a non-profit organization to help the wrongly convicted.

“There is no substitute for real-life experience.”

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