Bound: Wicked Dark Boston Thrillers Series, Book 1

All summer, Tom’s biggest worry was keeping the women who owned him happy. It was a cushy gig until a .22-caliber bullet and a dark truth changed everything. Just how far will he go to repay those student loans? At times rough and raw, this is a story of love and trust, deception and revenge, and its own definition of family, told with a good share of tongue-in-cheek humor. More
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About Michael Campbell

I am a father, educator, ex-academic, and now, fiction author who writes sexy thrillers for adults that will make you think, laugh out loud, and might turn you on. Because they are packaged in a way that will appeal to men, it can be hard to spot sometimes, but everything I write has a feminist conscience. Smarter men mean safer women and a better world.
The books I love most are fast-paced, gripping thrillers with lots of twists and strong women characters. That’s why I try to fill mine with gritty, hard-boiled leading ladies who can kick your ass and men who model the confidence and humility necessary to overcome all the sexist garbage we’re taught and learn from the strong women in our lives. Still, I’m only just able to spot and root out the sexism in my own thinking and work. I’m also a pretty vanilla guy, so it’s been a challenge to put myself in the mind of Ginger the bisexual dominatrix, for example, but it’s helped.
It’s fun to mess around with gender-role stereotypes (Tom all but wears an apron and frets when the ladies aren’t well fed), in particular. This can sometimes come across as patronizing, though. Note that the gangsters, spies, and other underworld types I choose for villains are almost always men, and when they are women, such as Stella, they’ve been misled or lied to—by men—and they’re not all bad. When it comes to violent crime, the statistics back me up on that, but it’s still sexist.
I love the noir tradition of pushing a flawed and damaged but still “regular,” unwitting person into the role of perpetrator. Or, having the heroine make the same stupid mistake that you or I would in a given situation and then have to work her way out of it.
Another thing you’ll notice in my writing is that the protagonists are often searching in untraditional places for a sense of home and family, of belonging to something bigger than them.
In the near future, I'll be working more on crime noir with the Wicked Dark Boston Thriller Series, a sci-fi saga about Kika the Hunter, heir to the throne of Ios, an Amazon planet, who must rectify her faith with the imminent harvesting of Earth for slaves, and an Odyssey-inspired epic that starts with the truth of what I saw with my own eyes on August 12th, 2017 in Charlottesville, VA. That one is wreaking havoc with my blood pressure, but it's a story that needs to be told and fiction is the only way it will have a prayer of cutting through the noise.

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