Dating the Devil

Dating the Devil is about Satan's intense need for purpose and love and about fulfilling his evil wanton desires, being what he is, he hides behind deceit and treachery as he tortures, murders, and manipulates the living and the dead to get his way. Stunned by her gorgeous body he wants her more than anything that he has ever wanted in life as his lust to mate with her spirals out of control. More

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  • Category: Fiction » Horror » Undead
  • Words: 190,460
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780463402726
About John D. Lane, Sr

Before I begin I would like to wish you a great day whether it is beginning or ending.

So here we go I am a private individual by nature and was raised by a strict father and a loving mother who always did the best that she could for her children.
I like to say without going into to much detail that I was conceived and manufactured in Ohio and was born in California and then I was returned to Ohio with a manufacturing defect.
The desire to live in Ohio or California had nothing to do with me I was in essence a piece of luggage that got moved wherever my owners took me.
But the decision to return to Ohio come about because of a series of life-changing events that happened in California and changed my dad’s thinking.
So, he hitched up the horses to the wagon’s and loaded up the family and began the journey back to Ohio, but as the story goes he abruptly stopped and scratched his head, while thinking that he had left something behind and after a while he remembered the something that he had forgotten so he turned the horses around and went back to get me… one of the sweetest little babies that was ever born. I vaguely remember him saying “oops” and then once again we were off to see the wizard, sorry that’s another story about someone else, so we returned to Ohio. Why? I guess I’ll never figure that one out because there were plenty of jobs in California at the time; so, all I can figure is that we were returning to our extended family and the familiarity of what we had left; we were homeward bound and that’s always a good thing.
So, to make a long story short I was created in Ohio and manufactured here, but I was born in California and named after my doctor who told me a cute story that I can’t prove is true because I don’t remember it; but he told me one time when we were chillin and kickin back that I popped out with a sign that said, “Are you glad to see me… I am the good son” and oh the reason to come back was let’s say the straw that broke the camel’s back; my dad was a lumberjack and he didn't take kindly to the idea of being killed, smashed, or hurt in any way.
So, while at work one day a tree, a really big tree, a large round tall and unbelievably heavy tree was cut down and the traditional “timber” was yelled as a warning to be sure that other lumberjacks were aware of the falling tree, but it did not fall where it was supposed to, it fell almost on top of my dad which promptly give the lumber company notice; that smashed, and dead is not a part of his job description and that’s why we were returned to Ohio.
The end results of coming back to Ohio; give me a total of five brothers and sister, and I like all good little boys, was good and sometimes I wasn’t, but I grew up and got a job, then another job and finally the first job of significance that lasted twenty years as I was promoted and trained and educated to make life better for my family.
My family consisted of one wife, two son’s and no girls, but that’s ok in my mind… one was enough for me.
I divorced after nearly 32 years which was not in my plans and I have been single ever since. But with time comes-change some good , some bad, but the best kind of change is what I like, as my sons were married and began to make a life for themselves.
I now have six grandkids two of which are from other marriages, but I will always be here for all of them until I am forever gone and even then, I hope that I will remain a good memory for them. I am proud of my children and my grandchildren and no matter what I will always be proud of them they are great kids to me.
The last part of the story is that I started writing in 2010 it was something that helped to keep my mind busy and give me something to do since I had retired.

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