The grey foster

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About Amira Grey

Moussaoui Amira is a little writer, this is her first appearance in the publishing field.
She was born in Theniyet el had –Algeria ,grew up in Mostaganem-Algeria , she’s a medical student in the university of Medicine Mostaganem .
Being a doctor was her dream as a little child but writing and reading became her soft spot as a teenager
At the age of 16 she started scribbling on her new laptop whenever she got the chance to, she was amazed and adored creating worlds in her mind.
When she started reading books her craving for the key board increased and she kept escaping and skimming anatomy classes to go home and write what popped in her mind .despite her over-sized studies she always finds time to write and read
She has written two novels and working on her third , but she never aimed to publish her works .
During her writing blocks, she finds the words to write some poetry--- some of them are inspired from books, movies even songs, some of them are a craft from her own imagination.
For now she’s hoping to share her worlds with other readers and dreamers

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