A Young Man's Quest for Love and Independence

Hassan symbolizing the silent majority of the clan youth strives to change his community's stringent marriage rules not through passive resistance and dialogue but through an actual confrontation. Hassan's community is divided into conservative hardliners and moderates
whose intention is the initiation of social change through gradual step-by-step
deconstruction. More

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About Abdullahi Arale

It is a great feeling to belong to several social identities, particularly, when they encompass diverse cultures, values and educational and political systems. I was born during a time, when my native country, Italian Somaliland was under occupation. In my late teen age years to my early 20th, I lived in the USSR for military career training. In my mid 20th up till late 20th, I lived in Somalia, where I worked as a full citizen of the state. From early 30th to date, I have lived in Ontario, Canada, raised four children, acquired higher education and enjoying a peaceful life. Having lived in such diverse geographical locations with diverse cultures, and having been exposed to diverse educational and political systems, I believe I have developed many socio-cultural identities overtime. For instance, I am a Somali by birth, but experientially, identify with my former Italian, Russian and Ukrainian educators for being part of my individual development. I also closely identify with my fellow Canadian citizens who gave me the opportunity to turning myself into a mature, enlightened resident. From these multifaceted socio-cultural identities, I learned to be considerate and respectful to other peoples' cultural values and traditions.
The writer's education:
1. BA; BSSC; and Bed; From the University of Ottawa
2. Med from the University of Toronto

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