Seeking Salvation

Seeking Salvation is a story about the life of Jared Goldberg as he struggled to find purpose and meaning. There are no details spared when he reflects on his youth as a victim of bullying, his troubled relationship with God, the existential crisis he suffered, his battle with depression and suicidal thoughts, and how he managed to find peace in his adult life. More

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About Jared Goldberg

Jared Goldberg is a first-time author and with your help his book will become a #1 New York Times best-seller. He spent the earlier years of his life tackling the larger existential and metaphysical questions that have plagued mankind since the dawn of time, before falling into a deep existential crisis. Roughly four years ago, he thought he overcame this crisis and he tried starting a business to help people going through similar experiences. The business failed miserably, which resulted in Jared suffering a nervous breakdown, ultimately leading him to the brink of suicide. He has spent the last four years trying to heal and finding answers to the bigger questions which he continues to think about to this day. This book will reflect upon the more significant events he has experienced in his life to provide insight into how he reached the depths of depression he suffered and how he learned to move past those feelings. He is eager to share this book with the world and he firmly believes that everyone can benefit from reading Seeking Salvation.

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