Agent 00 Bi: Friendly Reminder

Adult Erotica
Tristan has seemingly forgotten that he must follow the rules of the agency, and his lack of discipline leads to a visit from a sexy BBW whom knows how to handle men whom fall out line! Tristan soon learns that his actions have consequences, as she adjusts his attitude! More

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I currently have two promos going on right now:
1. Agent 00 Bi: Britain Calls
The first book of this series, Britain Calls, details the beginning of the training of Tristan Towers, who is recruited into a very special British intelligence agency! Currently, this book is being offered for FREE! If you enjoy both erotica and British espionage novels, then this should be your cup of tea!

2. Anal In The Attic!
The first book of my longest running series, Caught By My Son, Anal In The Attic is now being offered at the dicounted price of 99 cents!

Boston Bi Gang: Revenge Served BI! (Book One)
Fresh out of prison, Red hooks up with a fellow convict by the name of Jake. When they get to Boston, she discovers that her bitch ex-sister-in-law is destroying her brother, and she won't let that happen. Revenge is best served BI! Full length bisexual erotic romance novel, with criminal elements!


About Me

I was born in England, and at an early age, decided that I preferred a life of travel over that of a sedentary existence. I currently live in North America, and I continue to travel extensively. I have enjoyed many raunchy adventures in my life, which has given me plenty of personal experience to draw my material from! I have also traveled to many places, and that is why so many of my books feature geographic themes!

I won't tell you exactly how much of my writing is based on reality, and how much is based on fantasy-- that is for you , dear reader, to decide!

Some of my stories are written in third person, some in first person. I do not over think what I write , preferring to let the characters speak for themselves!

My characters are written as real people---- they are individuals, with unique motivations and views that are colored by their own personalities, time, and place in the world. They are not always politically correct, nor are they all the same. Too many books feature so called MILF's that look like twenty year old - I would rather tell stories about women who look like real women, men who act like men, and the way they interact with each other!

Likewise, I like to break way from the mold when it comes to ascribed characteristics- just as we are all unique in our own way, my characters are unique, too. A person may be one way on the outside, and another on the inside- or may be one way in certain circumstances, and another way in a different setting!

My current offerings are:

Agent 00 Bi Series:
This series follows the adventures of Tristan Towers, and his work for a very special agency of the crown! A blend of classic British espionage and hardcore bisexual erotica, this series is written in British English and is guaranteed to appeal to those who enjoy such tales with a twist.
Perspective: Third person/ Male
Contains female and male bisexuality, without incest elements.
1. Agent 00 BI: Britain Calls (Book One)
2. Agent 00 Bi: Dirty Little Yank (Book Two)
3. Agent 00 Bi: Experienced Teacher (Book Three)
4. Agent 00 Bi: Friendly Reminder (Book Four)
5. Agent 00 Bi: Guided By Lesbians (Book Five)
6. Agent 00 Bi: Helping Hands (Book Six)
7. Agent 00 Bi: Lsst Exam (Book Seven )
Agent 00 Bi: Complete Series

Bisexual Lisa Discovers Herself
Life changes when you are divorced, and find yourself forty two years old and having to suddenly go back out there! Lisa discovers that when life seemingly gets bad, sometimes the people we know the best have secrets they want to share- and sometimes the people that seem like enemies, turn out to be our new best friends! My first full length novel, originally written in 2009.
Perspective: Third person/ Female
Notes: Contain female bisexuality

Boston Bi Gang
Fresh out of prison, Red hooks up with a fellow convict by the name of Jake. When they get to Boston, she discovers that her bitch ex-sister-in-law is destroying her brother, and she won't let that happen. This series will contain full length novels, and will be released periodically, depending on reader interest.
Perspective: First person/ Female
Notes: Contains both female and male bisexuality
1. Revenge Served Bi!

Caught By My Son:
A series that details what happens when sons catch their mothers doing things that they are not supposed to be doing!
Each book in this series features a different mother, a different adult son, and a different situation.
You can enjoy this series by purchasing each volume as it is released, or, by purchasing the compilations-
This series will be offered in both 5 packs, and 20 packs, for those who enjoy plenty of raunchy mom son fun!
New stories will be released at least once a week. SUBSCRIBE to keep current!
Perspective: First person/ Female
Notes: Incest throughout; for specifics in each story, please look at the description of each book.
1. Anal In The Attic!
2. Army Orders!
3. Blacked In The Barn!
4. Blowing His Boss!
5. Blowing My Brother!
Caught By My Son: Vol. 1-5
Buy all five together and save!
6. Blowing The Boys!
7. Bowling Alley Bang!
8. Bred By Blacks!
9. Bribing A Cop!
10. Brutally Fucked!
Caught By My Son: Vol. 6-10
Buy all five together and save!
11. Cheating At Church!
12. Cheating At Work!
13. Cheating On Crazelist!
14. Cheating With Blacks!
15. Cheating With His Ex!
Caught By My Son: Vol. 11-15:
Buy all five together and save!
16. Collecting The Rent!
17. Convincing His Coach!
18. Cougar Taming!
19. Craving Chocolate!
20. Cuntlicking In Court!
Caught By My Son: Vol. 16-20:
Caught By My Son: The First Twenty! (Vol. 1-20):
21. Date Night Disaster!
22. Dealing Dirty!
23. Delivering Pussy!
24. Desiring Domination!
25. Desperate For Dick!
Caught By My Son: Vol. 21-25:
26. Doing His Aunt!
27. Doing His Best Friend!
28. Doing His Girlfriend!
29, Doing His Grandma!
30. Doing His Mother In Law!
Caught By My Son: Vol. 26-30:
31. Drive In Dogging!
Next Books In This Series
32. Drunk And Desperate!
33. Dyking Out!
34. Eating Black Dick!
35. Eating Chinese!
36. Eating Mexican!

Fairfield Family, Bi And Black
So what happens when a mother discovers that her son is bisexual- and that he likes having sex with a Black guy?
This standalone novel details this situation, and is a full length novella that blends mother son incest erotica with male bisexuality and interracial elements.
Perspective: First person/ Female
Notes: Incest/ contains male bisexuality

Granny Likes It
When granny wants sex, she is going to get it- and she doesn't care who tries and gets in her way! These grannies know what they want, and when they go for it, anyone who tries to stop them is going to be sorry! Each story is about a dominant older woman taking the kind of sex she wants- from who she wants!
The books in this series are an average of about 30-40k words. All three installments will be released fortnightly, or you may purchase the full series up front for a discount!
Perspective: First Person/ Female
Notes: Incest/ Contains male bisexuality in the first book
1. Granny Likes It Bi
2. Granny Likes It Big
3. Granny Likes It Black
Granny Likes It: Complete Series

Long Island Lust
A story about a mother whom knows that she must fix her son! There must be a reason he seems to have no desire to get on with his adult life- the secret is he is bisexual, and as his mother, it is her duty to do what needs to be done to help her son!
Perspective: First person/ Female
Notes: Incest/ contains male bisexuality

Married Lesbian Encounters
These women are straight- and they are married- but when life falls into place in just the right way, they find sexual satisfaction with another woman. Only a wife knows what a wife really needs, after all! Each story features different women, and different situations!
This series is completed for the time being!
Perspective: First person/ Female
Notes: Contains ONLY lesbian sex
1. Alabama Clam Slamming!
2. Boston Bean Flicking!
3. Charleston Carpet Service!
4. Denver Diesel Dyking!
5. El Paso Panocha !
Compilation #1: Books 1 through 5

My Bi Son
What happens when a mother discovers that her son has a big secret- a bisexual secret? Each story details this situation, and features a different mother, a different son, and a different result! This series contains mother son incest, as well as hardcore bisexuality. Recommended for those who have enjoyed Fairfield Family, Bi And Black, and Long Island Lust.
This series will be released upfront when it is completed, as an entire volume, with the individual books being released at a rate of one per week thereafter, on each Friday.
Perspective: First person/ Female
Note: Each book contains male bisexuality
1. Angela's Answer
2. Bianca's Bugaboo
3. Catherine's Conundrum
4. Deborah's Dilemma
5. Esther's Enigma
Complete Series

The Natural Pecking Order
Written from three third person perspectives, this is a full length bisexual novel where bisexuality brings everyone together in ways they never imagined!
Perspective: Third person/ three points of view
Notes: Incest/ male and female bisexuality

You may contact me at, if you so desire. I always appreciate fan mail, and personally answer any whom choose to write.

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About the Series: Agent 00 Bi
Tristan Towers, 27 years of age and recently discharged from the Army, has found civilian life to be dull. Luckily for Tristan, he is recruited into a very selective and special intelligence agency. Thus behind the training of Tristan, Agent 00 Bi, in manners that are more than just espionage! Follow Tristan as he trained to serve the crown!

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