Will humanity survive being judged in a galactic court?
New Age Sci-Fi, a mystical and visionary novel. More
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About C.J. Odle

C.J. Odle is an author and ayahuascero (works with medicinal plants) living in a small conservation and healing center in the Peruvian amazon.

Born in 1961, from an early age he developed an interest in science fiction and fantasy. Around the age of 17 he began to study divination, which led to a career of over 35 years working as an astrologer and psychic. He has written four previous books, all non fiction and mind body spirit titles.

In his early forties he experienced a psychic crisis, which led him to Peru to complete a 6 year apprenticeship in Amazonian shamanism. He still lives in the jungle in Peru with his wife. Startoucher is his first novel.

C.J. has always loved books and reading, and dreamed about having his own library filled with his favourite books. One major headache was how to safely ship hundreds of books to Peru. They put their faith in the postal system, and miraculously more than 30 boxes eventually arrived intact. Now the library stores over 500 books, mainly on spiritual and mind body spirit themes.

He also still loves fiction, with a particular weakness for Asian crime novels and John Grisham!

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