Lux 1.1 Seeds

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In a crumbling America where teenagers are hunted and contained, a small group of rebels rises up to fight a desperate battle against a power greater than themselves.

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About Jalex Hansen

Jalex Hansen has an affinity for creating stories of rebellion, challenges and self-discovery. She believes that, in a perfect world, everyone would have a voice and writing would be the ultimate weapon. Jalex has been known to engage in lightsaber fights and airsoft wars. She is inspired by strong women, unsung heroes, and large amounts of ice cream. Sometimes she writes.


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Review by: Joseph Veramu on Oct. 17, 2011 :
Stunning and brilliant.
Jalex ia writer to look out for.
I predict that she will be a best selling indie author very soon and an inspiration to everyone.
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Review by: Philip Green on Sep. 28, 2011 :
Awesome book, I just purchased lux 1.2, which is the first book I've purchased on smashwords. I'm not anything close to what you'd consider a "grammar natzi" but I noticed absolutely no problems. The story line went along really well, there were a couple of somewhat awkward transition scenes near the middle, but for a first time author it was great.

If your looking for something that makes absolute sense it has a few problems as noted by a previous reviewer. However, I'm a fantasy reader, so I'm imagining this as a future setting in which corruption has set in to the point that money pretty much means power.
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Review by: Khaled Benbouzid on Sep. 27, 2011 :
This is an exceptional kind of stories, it has a very good quality, well written, full of exciting hot dialogues, serious and deep.

Jalex Hansen's eBooks (series) are quite intelligent.
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Review by: Francis W. Porretto on Sep. 5, 2011 :
Overall, Lux 1.1 is good work, though it makes unwise use of a couple of motifs that have been prominent in recent movies (e.g., The Matrix, X-Men). The author shows considerable promise, despite a handful of problems. I will be reading the next installments.

The plot moves along crisply, and in tandem with enough parallel development of the sociopolitical backdrop not to lose the reader. The characterization, unusually for a YA novella, is excellent, probably the strongest aspect of the piece.

The weak points are style and setting. As for setting, I got no definite sense of how the sociopolitical milieu of Lux came to be. A "Senator" who was never elected to the Senate? A state of affairs in which a single rich and power-hungry man could bring down the government of the United States? We need more explanation for the setting to be adequately plausible -- and that in itself is a problem, because enough backstory exposition to fill us in would seriously disturb the pacing of the story.

Style is often a problem for a brand-new novelist, who's likely to feel an obligation to "show off." I think of this as the "Look how many images and devices I know how to use" syndrome, and Miss Hansen appears to have a moderately severe case. Worse, there are numerous errors of punctuation, spelling, and grammar to be corrected. (The fiction writer enjoys relaxed grammatical standards, but there are nevertheless some rules that ought to be obeyed.)

Since it's intended for a young-adult (i.e., ages 12 to 15) audience, I'm awarding Lux 1.1 four stars. However, with a moderate amount of polishing and the removal of one or two unnecessary pop-culture thefts, it could be five stars...and Miss Hansen might have a shot at becoming the SF equivalent of J.K. Rowling.
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Review by: Isa Palavarti on Aug. 27, 2011 :
Lux 1.1 Seeds is a fast paced read, with compelling cliff hanger sequences that will embed within you a deep itch for the next book, and the next, and the next, each promised to be released on the average of 3 weeks apart from the first installment.(August 23rd, 2011)

In Seeds, the first book in the Lux episodic novel, Jalex immediately defines her characters, like steel teeth, zippering you up into their plight. Word by word, she delicately plants and nourishes this tale with subtle duplicitous fore shadowing in kind of Lost. Fully packed with layers of the young adult world mingled with the politics of the day, sci-fi of yesterday with the technology and plausibility of the present future, a wound up top sent spinning on its axis, gaining speed, my stomach clenches...and I wait for the next.

~Isa Palavarti
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Review by: Futureknight on Aug. 26, 2011 :
This is a breakout new story that grabbed me at the beginning and I raced to the end at breakneck speed. I didn't want to put it down and now I'm dying for the next installment. The voices are raw, the characters like people you might know, and everything keeps moving, spinning faster and faster like a tilt-a-whirl out if control. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes episodic, fast-paced, multiple-character storylines. It's like an awesome, action/drama tv series like Firefly.
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Review by: Colleen Nester on Aug. 24, 2011 :
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