Path of the Ancients - Space Time Illusion

"The world is given to me only once, not one existing and one perceived. Subject and object are only one." - Schrödinger
"That which the mind cannot think, but that which is the mind, know that to be the ultimate truth and not that which you have imagined" - Kena Upanishad
Is reality and truth the same? What if we can look beyond this reality and start to seek the truth? What will we find? More

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About Ancient Philosophy

By Profession, I am a computer engineer. Currently, my primary hobby is to decode the upanishads and sanskrit mantras that I have been taught from young age to revere and respect. Along the way, I have realized that most of the translations I have been taught have been flawed and influenced by the beliefs and devotions of the person repeating it to me. The meanings have become subjective and hence have lost their original teachings, ideas and concepts.

When these same upanishads are translated with a different context set to them, they seem to take on a totally new meaning. Whether this meaning is something that is only acceptable to me or many others is something I do not know. But, this hobby of mine got me thinking what if these translations really were the truth? What if truly we are able to hold our minds and body steady to look further, to know further, to understand the fundamentals.

These novel are my attempt to imagine how it would be if these ancient books are really the truth and we are able to act upon them.

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