And God Requireth That Which is Past. Heliodora

The second book of the series And God Requireth That Which is Past, Heliodora, follows Xerxes’ sweetheart Mzysia as she escapes to Greece through Babylon. Here the reader meets those Hellen statesmen who will play very important roles in the upcoming Greco-Persian war. Love stories and fascinating adventures also await the reader there, along with the Greek Gods. More
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May 22, 2020
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About Tsira Gelen

Hi! My real name is Tsira Gelenava-Volobueva, and I am from Georgia, a country located right where the East meets the West. I completed five years at the Tbilisi State University with honors and became a Philologist. I taught language arts at the Technical University of Georgia for ten years and then worked at the Faculty of Russian History at the Tbilisi State University for a year. Later I found myself interested in the field of law and started my employment at a private Law firm. The next ten years of my life I spent in America, working in the field of design, though I had never forgotten my true passion for literature and history. "And God requireth that which is past" was thought out and mostly written during that period of time. In 2009 I returned to my motherland, and continue to live here to this day. During the last years, at different times, I have worked as a teacher at the Academy of World Languages, as an Ambassador’s personal referent and Head of the Chancellery at the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Georgia, and as a freelance tutor and translator for various organizations.Now, at this stage of my life, I think I'm finally ready to release my more than a decade-long literary work into the world for you, my dear reader. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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