Brynne, Non-Vampire

Confined to a life of loneliness, Brynne always keeps her distance for fear that others will learn her secrets. Things change when she meets Jessica, the only real friend she's ever had. Brynne also discovers she's not the last of her kind, and some have no problem committing violence or murder. Now with people in her life who she loves,she must put herself in danger to protect them. More
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About Jennie Taylor

I was born in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. It’s in the Midwest, which is admittedly (and intentionally) vague.

In 2012, after a lifetime of loneliness and solitude, I met the most amazing and adorable woman on the face of the planet and fell head over heels in love. We married in 2013, and she has brought more joy to my life than I ever knew possible, and is the inspiration that drives me every day.

I have always enjoyed a variety of creative pursuits, whether building models, making furniture for my little toy figures from popsicle sticks, drawing, painting, and always writing.

I have always loved that point when I’m reading a book and I get so sucked in that I’m going “one more chapter” at midnight, then again an hour later, knowing that I have to get up in the morning for work and I still need my rest. That feeling that the story has to be read right now, because I will die from anticipation if I don’t read it.

I love movies, especially horror movies and science fiction. I also like to watch Korean Dramas (Big, Coffee Prince, and You are Beautiful are among my favorites). We also like to go to flea markets and antiques stores, where we can poke around in other people’s junk to look for the hidden treasures.

I really hope you will get a chance to read and enjoy my books. If you do, let me know about it.


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