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About Jeffrey Estrella

I have been writing since I was eleven years old. I write fictional stories, plays, poems, and novels. I won an honorable mention in a young playwright contest and had a poem published in an anthology. The Time Stone, my first novel and breakthrough novel, is published on in print and on in electronic book format. I envision this to be the first novel in a series.

The Time Stone, Fourth Edition

The Time Stone is a science fiction fantasy adventure that pits good versus evil with four unlikely heroes from opposite sides of the track embarking on the ultimate human adventure surrounding an ancient alien transportation device that allows for travel through time and space.
Part I – It begins in the present day with an aged man, named Professor Howard Kowalski, walking holding a palm-sized emerald with five sides and five orbs glowing in its center as he stumbles onto the fictional east-coast suburban-and-urban-mix municipality of Chronix Bay where that night there is a break-in in the Museum of Ancient History by a masked ninja-type assailant who mysteriously vanishes after stealing its prized artifact, a palm-sized emerald with five sides and five orbs glowing in the center, called by history as The Time Stone, “unga tangu”, or “eye of the gods”, and leaving the night security guard dead on arrival. The authorities are clueless, surrounded by a mysterious machination known as 12VMX housed in a legitimate corporation, Temporo, Inc. led by billionaire Broad Staffnight, the main antagonist, who seeks the emerald to fulfill the long-awaited destiny of his group, the fabled “last time” or end of the world. Mr. Staffnight’s team consists of his beautiful and highly-educated assistant and protégé Elizabeth Peters, chief of security and local corrupt chief of police Brent Hightower, and Mark Cumberberry, an enigmatic accountant with a fascination for wine and a secret that he is actually a beast resembling a mythical Satyr hiding in human form in this world. 12VMX is led by a dark faceless figure appearing in darkness on a screen at meetings who instructs them from an unknown location. The main protagonist is homeless youth James Timewalker who runs into a face he hasn’t seen in years, his high school chum criminally-oriented but intellectually-gifted Tina May Prescott. They are falsely accused as patsies, by a corrupt legal system under 12VMX, for the murder of the museum guard. They escape using James’ new powers including psychic premonitions and telekinetic/ psychokinetic abilities and Tina’s knowledge of ancient studies and languages. They travel to Brazil and rival Mr. Staffnight’s team and befriend a lost tribe outside of modern civilization awaiting the chosen “the holder of stones”, a remnant of the lost continent of Atlantis. James, bearing the mark on his neck of the mythical “holder of stones” takes the key from the chief to fulfill his destiny in a hidden chamber where they find the time stone that opens a portal that transports them into Mr. Staffnight’s office where Satyr takes the time stone to put it into a device to summon other worldly beasts. James and Tina stop the attack of the giant beasts being shot out of a circular Aztec sun stone powered by the time stone and materializing from another world growing in size to attack the city. James and Tina escape with the time stone as authorities are clueless and 12VMX grows more resilient and angrier than ever before.
Part II introduces Mercedes Gonzalez, a thrill-seeking scientist, in Mexico due to Broad Staffnight and the Culto de las Piedra Tiempo who seek the time stone to summon monsters. Mercedes falls for a former member, defeat them, and escapes.
Part III introduces Milton Drax, an attorney/secret agent/part of 12VMX with Mr. Staffnight’s team in Turkey to find the time stone. Drax and new friends find an ancient reference to the time stone and succeed at betraying Mr. Staffnight’s team during another beast attack and escaping.
Part IV James, Tina, Mercedes, and Drax match wits against Mr. Staffnight and team over the time stone and its time and space travel ability into history, including ancient Egypt, a future city called lightning way, the middle ages, prewar era, civil rights era, prehistoric times, the nineteenth century, and back to the present for the final battle with Mr. Staffnight’s apocalyptic plot.
• TIME TRIP: ancient Egypt facing future Culto, a stranded archeologist, monsters, and a dynasty.
• TIME TRIP: future city Lightning Way where environmental pollutants destroyed the atmosphere and humanity is being exterminated by “the Oligarchy”; help resistance to an island to find the dark star, from the creators of the time stone; summon the scorp car flying machine; and meet Kowalski’s monstrous protectors in time; find a land where time repeats and children survived with a space ship, killer androids, a holographic beauty with a message of love in time, sea battles, island monsters, getting the dark star and fighting the oligarchy.
• TIME TRIP: Team splits up: Mercedes and James in the middle-ages meet Princess Celia; Tina and Drax in the future a few years earlier; meets Tina’s ex-boyfriend leading a resistance with Kowalski trying to prevent a disease from killing millions. James and Celia fall in love recognizes her face from the hologram in the future. James has a psychic vision of people in need, the plague in the future, and goes to a cave where he finds a rare flower and uses the time stone to send it to the future. Tina and Drax find flower, fight the evil scourge using their advanced technology.
• TIME TRIP: the team is reunited in a secret town in the prewar era made up of beasts and humans and hybrids; prepare a letter while helping a young cop who sees Satyr and three men in black.
• TIME TRIP: the team arrives in the civil rights era and fights the culto in a night club where Broad Staffnight gets arrested and team leaves just as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is going to speak.
• TIME TRIP: the team arrives millions of years ago seeing scientists banished to this era, an ancient monument built by advanced aliens long ago, and fire beast kills the team. Celia finds the time stone in her era and uses it to go back in time and arrives just in time to save James and company. They enter a cave where James’ powers evolve and he uplifts to a higher realm.
• TIME TRIP: Drax, Mercedes, and Tina in a 19th century farmhouse find another rare monument and a female warrior who decipher it and battles a big monster and Kowalski who fall through the portal.
• TIME TRIP: the team in their present day to stop Broad Staffnight whose plan is set in motion to launch an orb to space that will fire energy blasts to destroy the city. They use their scorpion car to fly up to stop the uni-orb and sacrifice their car to its beam. They escape to a top of a building where Satyr lands and the four use the time stone which breaks into five equal pieces each holding it up while a white light appears they believe is James takes the fifth piece and they repel the final blast from the uni-orb with the five pieces combined emitting an energy shield that strikes back up destroying the uni-orb in outer space. James appears from the light as an advanced samurai warrior and fights culto warriors who appear and then he fades away after telling his friends that the time stone is one of six. One year later, Drax, Tina, and Mercedes are on the beach in the Cayman Islands contemplating their adventure and how they will be part of a secret organization called Union to learn everything about the time stone and Drax’s former military connections help get them inside to work on how to use it for good and get James back someday. Tina has a psychic vision where James summons her and implicates to her that their greatest adventure is yet to begin. Then in the museum of ancient history, Kowalski enters and gives the time stone to a clerk and leaves while two men with black suits and red sashes walk past the display case of the time stone pondering how to steal it that night and a young boy approaches the glass eyeing the time stone with wide-eyed curiosity before being called off by his mother using the name “Kowalski.” Finally, in the dark recesses of an unknown place in space and time a dark figure yells up into the heavens in pure agony.
• SYNOPSIS OF THE TIME STONE: The Time Stone is a science fiction fantasy adventure that pits good versus evil with four unlikely heroes from opposite sides of the track that embark on the ultimate human adventure surrounding an ancient alien transportation device that allows for travel through time.
• Part I - an aged man on a road holding an emerald; a break-in at the Chronix Bay Museum of Ancient History by a figure who steals an emerald; museum guard killed; investigators and reporters are clueless; mysterious machination “12VMX” in big company led by billionaire “Broad Staffnight” seeking the emerald with a beast/man “Satyr” and led by a dark figure in a screen who instructs them from an unknown location; homeless youth “James Timewalker” runs into a face he hasn’t seen in years, his high school chum criminally-oriented but intellectually-gifted “Tina May Prescott” who find themselves arrested and locked up as patsies by a corrupt judge and prosecutor under “12VMX” for the murder of the museum guard; they escape as James begins to develop powers including psychic premonitions and telekinetic or psychokinetic abilities. Using James’ powers and Tina’s knowledge of ancient studies and languages, the duo make their way out of jail, to a biker bar fight, to a flight to Brazil, and rival Broad Staffnight after the emerald. James and Tina face treacherous jungles and befriend a lost tribe outside of civilization awaiting the chosen one, James, with a mark on his neck who takes the key from the chief to unlock the great treasure on a high mountain. James and Tina face many threats and James’s growing destiny with the emerald, and a portal that transports them miles away and into the past while Broad Staffnight and Satyr want to use the emerald with an Aztec sunstone metal device to summon beasts from other worlds. James and Tina stop the attack.
• Part II introduces Mercedes Gonzalez, a thrill-seeking scientist, who winds up south of the border due to Broad Staffnight and the Culto de las Piedra Tiempo (The Cult of the Time Stone) who seek the emerald to summon monsters. Mercedes and her true love, a former Culto, defeat them; he dies and she escapes.
• Part III introduces Milton Drax, an attorney secret agent, part of “12VMX” leads Broad Staffnight’s team to Turkey to find the emerald and while the team plots, Drax meets a pair of siblings who help him find an ancient altar; they escape when monsters attack and Broad’s team is firing back. Drax stops his teammates and gets arrested and breaks free stumbling onto three others in similar problems but common destiny.
• Part IV James, Tina, Mercedes, and Drax break into Broad Staffnight’s fortress and fail to stop him when the time stone is used by an evil sorcerer making everyone vanish in the portal.
James – the Adilait with super powers premonitions and telekinesis and special destiny as the holder of stones – spread more in caves and library references to learn more about it – and watch him from early scenes see lights and forms and begin to think he is going crazy and was beginning to sense himself hovering things and himself and almost hit cop why arrested and grabbed but then realized as patsy. Develop it in the sense of his growth individually learning to be responsible as a super being but as a normal man too feeling regret for his past misgivings and failures in life – drinking abusing drugs and philandering women and dropping out of school the light was growing in him since he was a child and he is told that by native shaman woman who appears again and he learns it will continue to grow until it consumes him and he uplifts meanwhile the physical manifestation as dr. Kowalski observes are in his powers galvanized somewhat by time stone as if from the same creator adilait and stone of light and using them time after time to right wrongs like throw in scene of girl in streets of Brooklyn in need protection from gangsters shaking her mom and dad’s bodega down for money leaving them empty and he learns to help and get involved more and to good feels good and brings more good by gratitude in those helped to help others and others further sign from god on blessings of power says Mercedes – have fun with the power in the process and grow to ultimate one; Homeless uneducated unemployed single destitute purposeless and vagrant young man

Tina – explore background of abuse by professor and forced to quit school to cater as his mistress turned to hooking to make a living but also only way know how to control relationship and gain dignity and recognizes doesn’t have to as has love in family and friends with time stone team and hope in god – learned languages and ancient cultures via idyllic memory; poverty stricken criminally oriented intellectual gifts short sighted abandoned young woman
Mercedes – god fearing background raised and science studies want to learn why stuff happens why god wants bad things to happen or good things and curious as a child and explore backdrop fantasy memories and learn curious of time stone and inner workings and discovers it has potential to be more than a conduit breach to other times and spaces but a solar powered battery to charge altars and other tech and a nuclear inhibitor for the cosmos and stars themselves middle class science educated second generation immigrant woman
Drax – explore background losing wife and falling for machination and guilt over countless deaths and coverups under his watch as a supreme commander – former agency and military to serve country and god forsaken to the evil of the sinister conspiracy plotting the end of the world and learn time stone and family are harbingers of hope and can use both for good and time stone has the potential to be center of the world’s greatest organization as it once was Atlantis. THE TIME STONE: AMOR VINCIT OMNIA (LOVE CONQUERS ALL) wealthy highly educated lawyer secret agent conspirator militia man

what do these four unlikely heroes from the opposite sides of the track have in common they will be the newest band of brave heroes, the time stone team to embark on the ultimate human adventure surrounding an ancient alien transportation device and secret machination bent on bringing forth an ancient order via an apocalyptic doomsday.

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