Pledging Tau Geta Delta Part 3 - Student Seduction

Adult Erotica
It might not be normal to be turned into a girl to pledge for a fraternity, but Tau Geta Delta is no ordinary fraternity. I've already gotten through two crazy challenges and now it's time for the third. This time I had to seduce a fellow student and with the help of my fellow pledges we are off to have a wild night on the town for one more exploration of womanly pleasure. More

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About Farleven

I've enjoyed writing stories from a very young age and as I grew older it only seemed natural to expand my writing into more adventurous realms. I grew up a child of the eighties and weaned on rerun tv and well stocked local library that stoked a love of adventure in me.

As a youth, I was drawn to mind control and transformation. The ability to be whatever you wanted to be or have complete control over your domain were both compelling. Of course, as I grew older, the relative innocence of these interests gave way to an ever growing kink that eventually exploded into my writings. To my surprise, I discovered that the opposite of complete control, the notion of being completely dominated, held an almost equal power over my fantasies. In both ways one can give into pleasure without reservation.

It is that energy that I try to weave into my work. A passion for pleasure, even when it may not have been requested, in the end it is begged for. For sometimes only in darkness can a single light shine brightest.

As always I enjoy feedback, no adventure is complete if walked alone.

About the Series: Pledging Tau Geta Delta
The unexpected can sometimes be amazing...

Tau Geta Delta, now that was the fraternity for me. Sure, I'd been down on the whole frat thing when I started college life, but at a tech school with three guys for every girl, I'd started to come around. Taus had the best parties, and seemed to attract the hottest women. They even had better than average job placement after graduating, what wasn't to like about that.

They did have a reputation for having the hardest initiation, only about half the pledges made it through and joined up. That wasn't about to dissuade me, though. I was up for the challenge. Or at least I thought I was. I expected a little hazing, but I didn't expect to get turned into a girl!

To get through the week, I had would have to live as an elfin brunette with nice curves and discover all the pleasures of being a coed. It sounded crazy until I bumped into Tom and found out that I was swimming in womanly needs that he was more than happy to help me enjoy. Now all that's left is telling the story of my crazy sexy adventure!

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