Queen of Shadows

The Queen of Shadows is not any English queen in the past or present. Whether she resembles one in the future, who can say? She takes an active role in managing the sanity of her subjects. Now some of your divine-right monarchs take more of a laissez faire attitude in regards to that sort of thing. Let them manage their own sanity! say these monarchs. The Queen sends spies into Scotland to... More
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  • Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Historical
  • Words: 21,770
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780463332054
About Bill Etem

It's pronounced Bill EE-tem. Ex high school math teacher, ex lot of things. B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota. Some people think that when you major in math you spend all your time practicing a lot at adding and subtracting and getting to be an expert with fractions and exponents. You're really studying advanced physics and advanced economics and advanced finance and advanced engineering etc.

Living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Single. Getting old, born 1.2.60. Lived in Los Angeles for a few years. Traveled all over the USA, some in Europe and Canada. Lived in Mexico for 20 months, mostly in Oaxaca.

My fictional books usually deal with kids who find themselves in dire circumstances where they must either take courageous action or else they will be crushed by those dire circumstances.

My nonfiction pushes Christianity but it also runs you through some big problems facing Christians. The scriptures are very clear that there is a True Church - Matthew 16. 13-19, Ephesians 4. 4 (there is one body). Secular or even anti-Christian governments run the Western World because so many churches which claim to be God's True Church were, over the centuries, tyrannical, brutal, corrupt, power-mad, anti-Christian, heretical, satanic etc. So, you to remember there is supposed to be one True Church, and remember that you must take communion to go to heaven, John 6. 53-55, but you also can't forget that it's a terrible sin to celebrate communion in an unworthy manner, recall 1 Corinthians 11. 27. Throughout history Christians have celebrated communion with evil kings, evil nobles, evil henchmen of evil kings and evil nobles, evil priests etc. In our time churches celebrate communion in an unworthy manner by giving the bread and the wine to anyone: to heretics, to pro-choicers, pro-gay-marriage people, Sabbath violators, divorced people / adulterers, people who take God's name in vain etc.

We're waiting for the Antichrist to show up: 2 Thess 2 says this happens prior to the Second Coming of Christ. And we're waiting for 3 angels from heaven to show up, see Revelation 14. 6-11. You want to get off the road to perdition and get on the road to heaven. And to do that you have to take communion in the True Church, not in some false church lost in heresy and sacrilege. Everything gets sorted out in something called the Great Tribulation, see Revelation 18.

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