The world has been devastated by a chemical war; humanity survives only in isolated pockets of civilisation. With a poisonous atmosphere closing in on one such pocket the community must decide what to do. The problem is that there is nowhere else on Earth they can go.
Their destination must be somewhere that is not on the planet and they think they've found it.
Maybe, just maybe, they have. More
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About Les Broad

That picture isn't me. It's my much-loved Border Collie bitch, who I lost to a spinal tumour in April 2011. She deserves this memorial.
I was born a very, very long time ago, very close to my mother in England. Now I live in Wales, which isn't England but is part of the UK. I've written all sorts of stuff, but mostly science fiction. It's sort of believable sci-fi - maybe it can't happen today, but might tomorrow, you know? The sci-fi novels are all on the theme of 'first contact' and the first one is being given away free. You'll have to pay for the others. Sorry.
I've got other novels, short stories and things that are supposed to be funny too but whether they are is your decision, right?
Some of the books are based on real incidents - I know they are, because they happened to me. There are five in total, I've released two, two are being tidied up and the last one won't be finished for a while yet. If you read one, remember it all happened to me and that I don't mind being laughed at. I'm used to it.
A while back I released a free book, 'Top Of The Shop'. (If you're a writer you might want to read it. I'll say no more.) I've since released another one, 'Tea, Drums And Speed'. So now the first sci-fi novel is free, 'Top Of The Shop' is free, and there's a free volume of short stories. I must be mad, giving this stuff away. Mind you, it hasn't stopped me giving away a book of political thoughts. If you're from Wales, or British, or even interested in Welsh politics, it might be worth reading.
There's also a free book about some films that appeal to me. You might find it interesting but I thought it would be a bit cheeky to want money for it. Have it on me.
There's one little thing I don't understand. Of everything I've put on this site, I think the stories in 'Swift Shifts' are the funniest, yet it's the title that's looked at least often. Why is that, do you think?
After a gap of several months I've now added a new three-story volume of funny stories. To balance this, there's a thoroughly miserrable one on its way!
A word or two about my pricing strategy might be worthwhile. A lot of people on this site (and I apologise if I've got this wrong) quote prices that are just a bit cheaper than you'd see in a bookstore. I don't do that. Ebooks don't have production or distribution costs, so why should you, the book buyer, have to pay even a tiny share of something that doesn't exist? Isn't it better to spend, say, $3 on three little books than on just one? I want you to enjoy what I've written, and at a realistic cost to you that I can live with. Simple, isn't it?
I'll add to this from time to time - there's no point saying everything at once, is there? You'd have no need to come back, would you?

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Review by: Ray Daley on Oct. 19, 2011 : (no rating)
I finished this yesterday, the start isn't great and could use a bit of work. I would have liked to have had a bit more time on Earth to learn about what caused the poisonous clouds (if its explained in the book then I clearly missed it).
I guess Les read the final book in the Forever War trilogy as the sections about the Earth colony are almost identical to Haldemans book, thats not a bad thing as Haldeman is a good writer and Les has emulated him well. The endings not fantastic either, I had the feeling the return to Earth would prove more fruitful so generally the middle (founding and building the colony & working with the Aupsians) is what redeems this work. I'd look forward to reading any more of your work though Les. This was a good read.
(review of free book)
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