Our Man on Earth (The Swithen Book 1)

Merlin: Sired by a demon but won to good by a strong mother: This is his actual origin story, not some made-up tale, reimagined for today's readers. A demon fathered him, but he didn't count on his indomitable mother—or the unique gifts of her incredible infant... a child that will become the greatest wizard of all time. Read as horror gives way to wonder and magic--and the Arthurian saga begins! More

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About Scott Telek

Scott Telek is a writer, artist and filmmaker. He has been writing professionally for over 20 years, while also writing fiction, film reviews, doing oil painting and creating films. He has always been interested in legend and folklore, which led to his obsession with the lore of King Arthur.

Telek takes a different approach to epic fantasy, which usually invents new stories taking place in the Arthurian world. Telek's interest is in honoring the ancient tales by retaining the plot, story, and weirdness of the original legends from nearly a thousand years ago, but filling in the character and psychology in ways that are compelling to modern readers, but missing from the Middle English sources. That way, readers get to know the real King Arthur of lore, with all the grandeur, magic and romance that modern, made-up stories simply cannot match.

You may think you know all about King Arthur--but you don't. Sure there's swordfights, honor and romance. But there's also a lot of magic, psychological intrigue, supernatural occurrences and unexplained phenomena that make this much more "Twilight Zone" than "Camelot." And the entire, decades-spanning plot, with multiple interlocking storylines, was completed over a thousand years ago--so it's all going somewhere, and it's all been thought through, right to the very end. No making up as we go along!

Enter The Swithen at book one, which details the real origin story of Merlin--laid down 800 years ago! Book two finds Merlin preparing Britain for the coming of Arthur, and at the end of book three, Arthur is born. Get on for the ride as we see Arthur rise, unite Britain, marry Guinevere, form the Knights of the Round Table, be betrayed by Lancelot, and be there are the whole thing comes crashing down, in the most monumental, epic, intricate and moving tale of a civilization's rise and fall ever set down.

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About the Series: The Swithen
Discover the REAL King Arthur. The Swithen is based on the REAL legends of King Arthur, written from 1136-1485AD. We don’t change the old legends, we only add or enhance scenes and characters. When you read The Swithen, you know that you are discovering the actual legends of Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, Merlin and all the others... not some made-up BS. It's the original epic fantasy, filled with passion, war, anger, lust, magic, deception, love, honor and friendship--and it's like nothing else on Earth.

We start with the birth of Merlin (Book 1) move into his work with Arthur's Uncle and Father (Book 2) and are just about to release Book 3, at the end of which Arthur will be born… the place where most tellings begin. We will follow Arthur from there, through a total of 25 novels, telling the Arthurian legend in all of the scope and grandeur it requires.

Join us and escape on an epic reading adventure and get to know the most legendary characters of all time as real thinking, feeling people. Follow them from birth to death and witness the rise and fall of Camelot as you discover why Arthur is the original, the best, the one and only king.

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