You Could Be Prime Minister One Day Son - Memoir of a Baby-Boomer

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Dennis is brutally honest, open and frank in this memoir. The big themes of family relationships, sense of spirituality and refusal to see himself as a victim are interweaved in the story and all told with great humour.
The importance of male mentors to advance a boy into manhood can be observed as the story unfolds. Through their guiding hands and leadership wisdom is gained.
Love wins through. More

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About Dennis Harrison

I live in Coorparoo, an inner suburb about 6km south of the capital city of Queensland, Brisbane.

I have been retired from my resources career for some five years now. My wife of 50 years Kathy and I decided to downgrade to an independent seniors living village called “The Village” at Coorparoo. Best decision we ever made. It is the beginning of a new life for us. We are both participating in Pilates, Yoga, gym work and dancing. I am teaching Tai Chi, active in the Variety group, choir and writing.

I have had a 45-year career as a Geologist exploring and developing resources. My career was an exciting one which allowed me to mix with people from all walks of life. I was very lucky to ride the Australian resources boom and participated in a number of oil and gas discoveries. I rose through the ranks and built up over 36 years of experience in Australia’s premier onshore oil and gas basin, the Cooper-Eromanga Basin. In my later years I was a consultant to the industry and because of my knowledge obtained and promoted acreage through my own private companies.

To call a test and get oil to surface in saleable quantities is a great thrill. Like fine wines a geologist needs a lifetime to mature. With good fortune a geologist can claim participation in economic discoveries. I was the well site geologist on Beach Petroleum’s North Paaratte-1 well, their first commercial well after eighteen years in the game. The field and subsequent adjacent discoveries were developed to supply Warrnambool with enough gas for over twenty years. I called the test which resulted in a new field oil discovery on the Mirage-1 well, Victoria Petroleum’s first economic discovery after twenty-one years of activity. I was involved in a further four oil field discoveries in the Cooper-Eromanga basin whilst leading their exploration program for a number of years.
Today I get my enjoyment through writing, travelling, teaching Tai Chi and my grandchildren.

I am interested in transformation, becoming, evolving into a new entity over time. Transformation can be an exhausting process of course but it sure beats stagnancy. I have experienced impermanence in my life attending four different secondary schools, being employed with nine different companies, self employed as a consulting and contract geologist for many more companies. Kathy and I have lived in six different houses in four different states of Australia. I have conducted field work in all states of Australia bar Tasmania and worked in New Guinea and New Zealand.

Impermanence and change has become a Harrison family trait since that day in 1960 when my father decided to move from Perth to Melbourne.

My fundamental motivation is to participate in creating a better world. My interests are family, health, ageing, psychology, philosophy, religion, travel, music, writing and the arts.

If you wish to know more about me, I recommend you purchase my memoir and enrol in my fortnightly newsletter – The Dennis Dialogue.

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jennybauer2 reviewed on Aug. 27, 2018

I loved this book! Dennis tells his story through a series of short anecdotes, which are variously interesting, funny, and sometimes sad. The story commences with growing up in a somewhat dysfunctional family affected by mental illness, and the importance of mentors and mates to him. Then there is the story of his student and working years and adventures in the resources industry, his marriage and family. Through humour, insight, a light touch and a great way with words, Dennis brings his story to life and shares with his readers the philosophies and forces that have guided his journey and helped him to overcome the challenges life has dealt him. A great read!
(reviewed 20 days after purchase)
Jude23 Ryan reviewed on Aug. 19, 2018

Dennis brings together a well told series of family history through major periods in his life. There are numerous anecdotes when Dennis’ youthful endeavours ended with dramatic consequences for himself and his mates. When the responsibility of being a husband and father begins Dennis’career takes him to remote locations. There is humour as he recounts the hardships he encounters and colourful characters come to life in his descriptions of his colleagues. Dennis’ partnership with Kathy highlights their lasting love for each other through joys and sadness. This is a story about key people who influenced his life and the relationships that developed in different Australian settings.
(reviewed 13 days after purchase)
Samlees reviewed on Aug. 15, 2018

A well written account of growing up in the 50s in a dysfunctional family and the lack of understanding of mental illness at the time. Dennis writes with self deprecating humour of his adventures through adolescence and early adulthood. The later part of the book deals with his career in the resource industry with many anecdotes from those on the front line of resource exploration. He later gives a graphic account of his wife’s stock and the reordering of their life. This is the life story of an intelligent man as he overcomes and is enriched by life’s traumas. Well worth reading
(reviewed 10 days after purchase)
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