--正所谓:皇帝轮流坐,今日到俺家。--皇帝轮流争着坐,今日到俺百姓家!--百姓是天啊!--人类的终极也必将是回到以民众为天的时代中去:--让每一个老百姓都成为一个字:--天! More

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  • Category: Fiction » Holiday » Adventure
  • Words: 2,910
  • Language: Chinese
  • ISBN: 9781466033405
About 张(zhang) 延义(yany)

 笔名(网名)--张延义人类和平(Zhang YanYi Human Peace)。

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The author describes:

Pseudonym (screen name) - Zhang Yanyi human peace.
Real name - Zhang Yanyi. Non-female.

Born in 1962 in a semi-agricultural and non-agricultural Yimeng family (mother and father and, according to villagers said, I was born, in the afternoon of the evening - say that the red western sky ah - the entire west side of the sky are red slump slump, even west of the mountains and the whole thing is shiny red of the King! When I grow up point after his mother told me that the day the air is hanging in the air like a unicorn - I was God carried you holding the other end it looked from the window garden Kirin - Kirin other end is hanging over our house is not leaving the country! mother met his father in the yard, quickly let the knees knock a few heads, and between heaven and earth spilled drinks, the other end hanging in the air slowly disappeared Kirin's this thing in my young mind was printed under a deep imprint, so I was always small when like to see the air is to have an non-donkey donkey as lying on the image hanging in mid-air, but also follow me in this small figure walking, so I was there in broad daylight is frightened cry was shouting back to the home ground! is now When I think of these things is amazed - that the air would be so life-like how non-donkey donkey image, but they are so very realistic scenario - is that kinds of three-dimensional like a real donkey lying on the air that does not look like too much of! - now think of it, was that there is one of my neighbors - I call her sister-in-law generation of adults is the presence of later when I grow larger point, a neighbor who called the Liu Shu sleepy middle-aged man holding a very thick book came to my house telling me forget life - said I was 'Shucha of life' and so on earth the most best interests of the United States of speech is that done the above is some real though what happened in this time being as a joke.)
- Because the grandmother is Yimeng area Linqu old revolutionary war hero's sake, the father of five wells in the Yimeng Mountain mine has a small public tunneling captain (Zhang Hermit native of Hunan Zhangjiajie, according to elders say ancestors are the descendants of Chang Hsien-chung. When I was seven large, summer is often the bare hook, I would like to grandmother's house to visit her elderly people. granny's wrinkled face, the legs can not walk because the reason in action is the hand and leg on the stool move forward on the ground to go in memory of my young grandmother is a very strong old man - this seems to have been passed to me. is a living memory of grandmother a hundred-year-old - because people in our home over a hundred years if you live on is only 99, but not counted up the. memory of grandma's age nineteen winter frost are a few good years. She and I often talk about his hometown in Hunan that some of the things - that we are the descendants of Chang Hsien-chung, in essence, born with a protest and defiance of a powerful character and temper, said that it was because the family is living in the top of the hill sake of family was too poor can not, along with his parents to the Northeast and the. granny told me that, when the community has a saying - that there are large tracts of land in the Northeast did not race, there will be a fortune to have food and shelter . granny said his family had to Yimengshan Mi riverside boundary after this, because there will be acting ability grandfather, in this next Lvjiamiaocun Mi Village temple began acting on the child to earn some money to live, - - was originally thinking of just rest a while and then further that the northeast, but see here for the river, you can reclaim the mountain behind - especially the tens of miles along the river still has a long life of the woods for wild weeds cooking with, and river fish and more - plus where the original surname of their people is also very good, good care of - so do not go. and then later that Mr Lee, a granddaughter of wealthy family, and also my grandmother's grandson - that is, my father became a pro, this is about later. This is my generation, natural daughter of Mr Lee's mother - surnamed Li, the name of the tree E, regarded as one of its origin in the large local others the mother of paper-cutting craft exceedingly terrible - I looked at the mother in childhood, leisure and four in Pat Heung, when folks in the wedding when seeking home paper cutting red paper - I saw her flying scissors hands turned old Transfer as - that pattern in her heart too! She taught a lot of local demand door disciples - is the art of local people recognized the authority-type figure. then my grandmother - my grandmother name Teng , name Lanying, in the War of Liberation is a woman Yimeng Mountain rescue chairman of the region, the latter situation because the guerrillas are forced to become a cause of female guerrillas long guns. after going legions captured. because of the heroic and unyielding enemy into wishing wells and then hit her grandmother killed stone - the key moment grandmother used to sell large tracts of land four hundred ocean to redeem a grandmother from the well - there is a revolutionary front has just been into the well and stoned to death with a large! liberation Linqu grandmother as president until the deceased Cisian rural hospitals. listen to the old people say, my grandfather was a famous scholar in the local, the holidays fellow townsfolk in the seam was there weddings and funerals are often doing things like writing the body. Zhangjiashan grandfather when I heard that in Hunan is famous chivalric - characteristic of the character passed to my father, so his father became Yimeng regions - especially Linqu within four years, Pat Heung, recognized the 'good', while his father is Linqu years of county deputies - so my father epitaph reads as 'good', that is, folks nod to his father's best friends. grandfather who very smart, very prestigious local and dignity - human charity. grandma very good man - willing to sell large tracts of farmland have been saved as evidenced by her grandmother. grandmother's maiden is in the depths of a Yimeng small village called Village Sim , grandmother's maiden is in the depths of Yimeng - is a top of the hill called Tengjiagou - draft pick to go to the ditch. Tengjiagou and Xinzhai far away, therefore I was a kid when they visit relatives New Year the two go together. listen to my grandmother when guerrilla is Tengjiagou and Xinzhai activities that area, and said Xinzhai a cow near the Village of Hill, is a good place for guerrilla To this end, I was a child also used the opportunity to visit relatives went to the mountains - indeed, that mountain is a like a great distance, the wau, 'This place is Qu Bude's Tau - where many people have died!' - - age peers as big uncle who told me nervously.) - A child is a child who was a commander - the day when the students at night to eat miles of my generation still had someone in front of a guard. Cadres for the troops after, then after the work of civil aviation; graduated from the Air Force in 1983, the first aviation maintenance officer school; living in Chengdu, the Chengdu base for the Air China aircraft, aviation engineering and technical clearance personnel, aircraft engineer.
1991 Chengdu Military Region Command, the Air Force awarded the rank of Captain - battalion level.

In my generation was a teenager in south Mi Linqu elementary school when the school wrote called "intellectual catch the thief," the essay to safety with the class teacher was the teacher praised loyalty - an afternoon of just commenting on the composition class I this essay - that is Nayi Ju good use of parallelism, Nayi Ju vivid language used - this has caused my little face straight he kept his head in a fever. On the teacher was also the stage to talk me into writing experience, and asked what I refer to the book. I remember is being in a school textbook lesson called "Hero Liu Literature" text to the teacher pointed to the (probably remember - the thing I read is the Xiao literary text description and a steal in the commune of pepper The bad guys were injured during the fight against the story.), said that this text is inspired by the written, and my essay, I will be stealing public generation of corn aunt caught the thing is not that one going to. Since then, I would like from the heart on the composition and literature. And who was forty years old, big eyes and thick eyebrows - the middle child, and write good beautiful hand calligraphy and play the big man's table tennis teacher Ann teacher, it became my literary leads the way toward friends. In my mind, security is always a teacher, a tall and stalwart capital of the people!

A few years ago in the civil aviation "aircraft maintenance," the newspaper published essay, "What is a hero - view the film 'Hero' After Thoughts', in the community - especially the civil aviation system, causing some small waves can not be small. 1994 by the booksellers involved in the Sichuan Art Publishing House booklet novella "villain." It be for us the works published virgin. In addition, the Internet is more novels in serial - such as "female drug lords," "dream woman described," etc., and "Zhang Yanyi of peace poems" In addition to many literary sites by country, students widely spread sites, but also is included into a website "Chinese famous masterpieces' part, was also named the popular anthology of Hunan Writers Association.
My blog link in Longyuan journals (the world's largest Chinese journal) blog home page to the form of pictures hanging in my home has more than two years (2010-2011).

Antique fans because the wife is the reason I take the opportunity to become a Chengdu "Ancient and Modern Tongbao" collector Association.
Responding to my generation as 'green peace' in nature, has become the 'Greenpeace' members - the human environment and are willing to sacrifice the cause of peace all the enthusiasm and effort!
2009 was named the Air base in Shanghai Pudong route outstanding staff.
- (Aircraft plant floor devices connected oil) won the cup 93 Changchun Torch Hi-Tech Conference Silver.
- (Boeing automatically put the oil gun) 98 years in southwest China by the Civil Aviation Aviation Technology Achievement Award, now in the whole aviation system is widely used.
The 1997 Southwest Airlines aircraft maintenance plant and advanced individuals.
1987 annual awards by the Air Force Chengdu Military Region.
- Last year (2010) Air China, Shanghai is the prize I base a notebook computer (now using this) - Hey - affordable!

Favorite things:

When a soldier in Yunnan Luliang Luliang county where the edge of Nanpanjiang saved a little girl's life (she was already head sinking into the water were washed away Piaoqi directed, and was I jumped into the water dragged up!).
Himself admitted to military school.
Grandma Teng Lanying Shandong Province Linqu (Yimengshan) anti-Japanese hero (planned to write a book about her grandmother - has written a half.)
Native of Hunan Zhangjiajie Zhang Hermit, - according to Chang Hsien-chung elders say the descendants of ancestors is (said to be the king of the Atlantic is the sixth concubine Chang Hsien-chung, the sheets and then forced to occupy almost exactly the Hunan pregnant because of travel time and stay in the mountains in Zhangjiajie Zhang, Zhang only my ancestors of this one. Hey - Chang Hsien-chung! - powerful a mile! - kill you!).

Note: Zhang Yanyi: April 8, 2010 written in Pudong, Shanghai, 5, 17, has also changed in Pudong, this June 23 in Chengdu has also changed, on July 1 in Shanghai Pudong has also changed; this June 2011 Wo 24 in Chengdu has also changed too. Zhang Yanyi e-mail: GODGT@163.COM.

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