Guardians of the Grimoire

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Kerani, Tiluvia, and Cesca are thrust into a perilous journey, as they race to Gaïa’s island to become guardians. Along the way, fate plays a cruel twist on them, as their magical abilities are unleashed before they are ready, and disastrous consequences follow suit. In a land shrouded in magic, will the girls be able to fulfill their destinies? Or will the balance of magic be thrown into chaos? More

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Words: 91,720
Language: English
ISBN: 9780987778000
About Natasha Slight

Natasha Slight lives in Montreal, Canada. Although, she has an aversion to -20 degree temperatures, she keeps warm and cozy, while writing in her home office. Being an avid reader and collector of books for many years, she also traveled frequently. The settings in the stories she writes are enriched with details she has gleaned from her travels around the world. Armed with a quirky sense of humor, Natasha writes to inspire, tap into the mind, and unleash the imagination within. Guardians of the Grimoire is her debut novel.

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Book 1 of the Grimoire Trilogy.

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Review by: Tara S. Wood on Oct. 18, 2012 :
Epic fantasy, high fantasy, dark fantasy: I love everything about this genre. And I love everything about this book.Guardians of the Grimoire is deserved of space on my bookshelf next to the tomes of Robert Jordan and David Eddings. If you’re looking for a rehash of the plot, go elsewhere. This review is to tell you WHY you need to read this book.

Ms. Slight contacted me via my blog and requested a review of her work. I took a look at her website, peeked a little at Guardians on Amazon and decided instantly that this was a must read. Best. Decision. Ever. FYI, I don’t do paid reviews, and a copy was furnished to me by the author. This is a keeper that I want my daughter to read when she’s old enough. It’s targeted for YA, but any reader of fantasy will enjoy this. Reading this took me back to the first time I picked up a copy of Pawn of Prophecy by Eddings. I was hooked. Utterly. Completely. Pawn of Prophecy still sits on my shelf today. I’m dusting off a spot next to it for Guardians.

The world-building is just amazing. Everything is drawn out in rich detail with vivid imagery, making it so easy for my mind’s eye to conjure. Complex, yet not complicated, there are layers here: everyday life, magic, sorcery, politics. And all of them woven together intricately and seamlessly. There is a lot of information; there has to be in a story this size. It is inevitable. However, at no time did I feel like there was information just being dumped on me for the sake of plot exposition. There is a story to be told, not facts to be given.

From the beginning it was Kerani that caught my attention, and even though there are multiple points of view throughout the book, it was Kerani’s that spoke to me the most. In a book this size with this much plot, multiple points of view can become bulky and unwieldy for the reader, as there isn’t enough for them to really get to know each character. Not here. Ms. Slight does an amazing job at characterization through dialogue and exposition. At the end, I felt I knew these people and had a personal investment in their stories.

Speaking of characterization: *insert slow 80’s clap here* Brilliant. Marvelous. Archetypal, but not hackneyed. They are good, solid fantasy incarnations. Even the villains (Kael, Merazar, and Nox) are fleshed out in detail. And as the saying goes, “Character builds plot.” The characters and their wants and needs drive this story, so much so that as the journey unfolds, you find yourself alongside them. You know it’s a good book when you want to crawl inside and tag along. I was ready to take up arms to protect the Grimoire and kick some serious butt.

The dialogue is easy. I don’t mean simple, I mean effortless, natural. The interactions between the characters flow like water. There is nothing awkward or stilted. It’s a difficult pace to maintain in a book this long, but Ms. Slight does it with a deft hand.

I mention the length, because if you are not familiar with the genre, books here tend to be longer. It’s the scale of the story that requires it. Fantasy novels tend to work several angles and plot threads, all the while introducing new characters, places, creatures, and concepts. Guardians of the Grimoire is no exception. This is a sweeping story that pulls you in from the very beginning and keeps you at a breakneck pace until the end. And when you get there you realize with a clench of the heart that the end of this story is only the beginning. That is a hallmark of good fantasy. I eagerly await the next book in this series.

Five out of five stars, all of them epic.
(reviewed 15 days after purchase)

Review by: R.J. Moore on Dec. 08, 2011 :
What I absolutely loved about this book were the characters. It might seem odd for me to say this, but I loved the bad guys (I wasn't rooting for them, but it's fun to see how your favorite characters have to put up with them). Kael, the corrupt god; Merazar, the evil sorcerer; Nox, the sneaky chancellor. Now, what more could we ask for?
The banter between the characters is funny, witty, and has you downright laughing out loud at times. The dialogue is clean and to the point, and everything is crystal clear when the author explains new concepts.

What's more, Natasha Slight manages to weave a whole new world--entire countries and governments for Pete's sake!--throughout a page-turning adventure. Creatures of the most creative kinds dwell alongside realistic, lovable characters; magic and mischief all roam the same territories; and dangerous powers are at unstable fingertips.

It's fantasy, it's humor, and it's got you on your toes all along--there are times when I had to force myself to stop reading because it was getting late and I had school the next day.

If Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Eragon all married and had children, Guardians would be the result. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one heck of a good result!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Soarin Soraya on Nov. 09, 2011 :
When I first read part of Guardians of the Grimoire on Wattpad I was entranced so, when I was offered the opportunity to review it, I leapt at it. What I found from the beginning to the end was a magical adventure that makes the reader forget about everything else in the world. I literally search, often in vain, every avenue of media in order to find what Guardians of the Grimoire contains.
Now one of the most fantastic things about Guardians of the Grimoire is that it introduces completely new places and ideas without going heavy into the details or leaving the reader confused. Natasha Slight’s style is both intelligent and simple in a way that will charm readers while her characters steal their hearts. The scenes and characters are described vividly to the point that it’s all I was aware of as I read (In fact, I was late to many of my appointments after being so engrossed in the excellently woven world). Her charming style even extends to her dialogue which is direct but still unique to each of the characters. None of them dance around a subject but, instead, dive right to the heart of matters; there is no padding of phrases or situations to leave the reader going “huh?” as can easily become the case. The style, while fantastic and artful by itself, is not the only thing that endeared me to the story. No, what really and truly sold me was the care and love that is evident in the conception of the world in which Guardians of the Grimoire takes place. In parts it is emotional and in others fantastical but it always remains strong and realistic.
It seems that in most books and stories today, authors have begun to focus on the instant quality of things. Natasha Slight doesn’t fall prey to such habits, though, as her story takes great pains to make things believable. The different cultures, the action scenes, the governments and workings of society… they all stand supported with facts and details that make them completely plausible. What makes the story even more believable (and enjoyable) is the fact that the main character(s) don’t just instantly know how to control their powers or understand them in a matter of days. This has always particularly bugged me in other stories and I love the fact that Guardians of the Grimoire didn’t rely on magic to just instantly make everything better. The concept and use was done realistically with guidelines and a good mixture of the characters’ own ingenuity. When the going got tough, they didn’t instantly save the day; they planned, they acted, and they learned that there is no such thing as a perfect plan. Staying true to the details, Natasha Slight has painstakingly created a world that seems to truly exist and that I, personally, would love to visit.
Guardian of the Grimoire was a stunning story filled with fleshed out characters, charming dialogue, and a wonderfully emotional plot. As I was reading I often found myself smiling, cheering, crying, or doing other expressions that made others skirt around me in wariness. I can only say that such a happening only occurs when I am truly enjoying a story of which is more than true of Guardians of the Grimoire. Until the very last page, I was mesmerized and remain so even now. Anyone who is a fan of adventure, wit, magic, or just fantastic storytelling is sure to love Guardians of the Grimoire, as I did, and will no doubt be awaiting the rest of the series with baited breath.
(reviewed 60 days after purchase)

Review by: Angela VG on Nov. 09, 2011 :
I first found Guardians of the Grimoire on Wattpad while I was looking around for adventure stories to read, and I can really say that to have to chance to review it is one of my greatest pleasures. From the prologue, I was already in love with the book and the way it went along. My first thought after reading Guardians of the Grimoire? Well, it was, "This book needs to be published." Imagine how glad I was when I found it that it was to become an eBook!

Guardians of the Grimoire made an impact on my reading life. Or, rather, my older brother's reading life. Would you believe that a cellphone-centered teenager (who I had lost hope in when it comes to reading) would suddenly get into reading books again just because of one particular one? I have Guardians of the Grimoire to thank for the nights of reading with my brother and the fact that he's reading (adventure stories, if I may add) again!

In the book Guardians of the Grimoire, Nat Slight has made a world I've always dreamed of living in as a child and even to date. She's created realms, magical lands full of adventure and mystery, and (what I loved the most) characters who don't fail to entertain me as the story progresses. How anyone can come up with so many names and different features for their own worlds, I cannot fathom, but I can conclude that Nat Slight has done a tremendous job at it!

I couldn't get enough of all the creatures and places. To be honest, you could leave me in a world like that, and I wouldn't mind! I'm sure plenty of other people would agree with me when I say that the realms in Guardians of the Grimoire are simple wonderful!

One of the elements that really stood out in Guardians of the Grimoire is perhaps the dialogue. It goes from a serious and captivating feel and even to something funny enough to make you laugh out loud. For real. If you made me count how many times I did laugh, I'd tell you. I enjoyed every moment with the evil Kael and Merazar. A later part in the book even made me question how on earth Nat Slight was able to make such humorous antagonists. It's just that good!

And the plot itself! I say that this book is like no other for a reason. One evil god out to destroy three girls who are guardians of a great book. Add a scheming sorcerer, three magical sisters, and nonstop trials and challenges, then you get Guardians of the Grimoire!

You won't want to put this book down with all its fast-paced problems and adventures! I know that I couldn't. There were a couple times when I literally had to force myself to stop reading just so I wouldn't be late for my dance classes. Not a very good idea if you have a show to do, but Guardians of the Grimoire is like your favorite ice cream flavor: addicting.

It has just the right mix of a humor fantasy adventure and, somehow, a thriller. Keeps you off your seat, wondering what will happen next! You can't get enough of it!

So if you're up for an adventure story that'll take you on a journey across magical lands, Guardians of the Grimoire is the book for you! Feel the emotions that leak from the different characters in this brilliant piece of work! You will surely not regret it! (My brother and I definitely don't!)
(reviewed 59 days after purchase)

Review by: BookWormSans on Oct. 29, 2011 :
WOW - this book took me on the most amazing, wonderful, fantastical journey and one that I have not had the pleasure of being on, for many years. It pulls you in so deep; you need to take a moment to breathe. This is exactly how I felt after the third chapter! I had a permanent smile on my face and to be honest, was quite flabbergasted, at myself nonetheless. Why? You may ask. The author wrote this book for the Young Adult with the Young Adult in mind. I can tell you right now – I am an adult, but by no means “young” unless young at heart counts for anything! The last time I read a book in this genre (fantasy) was when I was a teenager and from there moved on to romance (as most young girls do etc.). I never, in a million years, thought that I would be so tightly gripped in this fantasy’s claws! I love the fact that the Guardians are female. YES! They take centre stage and it’s fantastic. They are strong and overcome obstacles in ways even they weren’t sure they could and more importantly, bonds are forged. This book also provides us with a strong message that the female genre can and is able to fend for themselves.

The Guardians of the Grimoire is set in medieval times and filled to the brim with magic, a king and castle, sorcerers, quests, challenges, an amazing tournament, puzzles, spells, chases, evil, conspiracies, unbelievable and mind boggling creatures, the awakening of new powers and their effects, humour, laughter, sadness and a sense of love and family.

Natasha Slight is so brilliantly descriptive from the beginning of this book right to the end. She made me feel that I was a part of this fantasy world; and for me, this book read and played (inside my head) like a movie. Guardians of the Grimoire (the first in a trilogy) is awe inspiring. I loved this book so much and it provided me with so much joy, that I am confident it was worth all the heart and soul, sweat and tears, hard work and sleepless nights that this author poured into the Guardians of the Grimoire. It may have been written as a YA but I believe it will completely cross over. It did with me and it will with others. I may get slack for this, but as we are all entitled to our own opinions, here is mine – Harry Potter, move over and share some space on the shelf for this one!

I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to read and review this book and I will end by saying that this author and her debut book deserve a standing ovation. I am hoping that you, dear reader whether young or old(er), will share the joy in my heart and feel the same once you have read it yourself. I wholeheartedly and unreservedly, give it a well deserving 5 stars. (This book is long BUT it had me enthralled right from the beginning that I read it in 2 days – enough said!) This is a keeper!!
(reviewed 12 days after purchase)

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