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The Indie Eclective: What is it, who are they, and why can they spell neither “eclectic” nor “collective” correctly? The Indie Eclective is an ensemble of authors operating under the assumption that Readers like Good Books. The Halloween Collection showcases spooky reads from nine very different authors. More
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The ECLECTIVE: What is it, who are they, and why can they spell neither “eclectic” nor “collective” correctly? The Eclective is an ensemble of NINE AUTHORS operating under the assumption that Readers like Good Books. Whether you enjoy light or dark paranormal, YA or adult-themed genres, there’s bound to be a story to suit your tastes. Thanks for reading!

The Indie Eclective is...
Stephanie Abbott
Heather Marie Adkins
P.J. Jones
Shéa MacLeod
M. Edward McNally
Alan Nayes
R.G. Porter
Tara West

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crystal reviewed on on Jan. 31, 2012

I enjoyed this book they are great stories and it also introduced me to some new authors that I enjoy reading.
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Nicole Storey reviewed on on Oct. 7, 2011

I liked this book for several reasons. I love the way a group of Indie authors came together to create this book! There are 9 Indie authors from different genres, so you are sure to like at least one of the stories in this collection, probably more! I love the cover, as well! As many of you know, Halloween is my favorite holiday, so of course, the artwork really catches my eye and it brings the spirit of the book to life. But, let’s talk about the stories inside…

I have to say that some of the stories were REALLY good, and others didn’t quite hit the mark for me. Two of my favorites were “The Village of Those Who Touch the Dead” by M. Edward McNally and “Haunting in OR 13″ by Alan Nayes. In my opinion, both of these tales captured that Halloween spirit. Not to give too much away, but “The Village of Those Who Touch the Dead” was awesome! There are two villages; one is called Tsheh and it is the village of the wealthy, a port city. The other village is smaller and is called the Village of Those Who Touch the Dead. In between these two villages is a wide, stone road built on arches and on both sides of it, a flooded graveyard. At night, the dead rise from this dismal swamp to attack the village people who use the road. If you are attacked, there are two possibilities for you; death, or become a shadow. Trust me, death is better.

“Haunting in OR13″ is a classic ghost story and I loved it! This tale takes place at California Medical College, where medical students learn the ropes in hopes of becoming future doctors and surgeons. The only thing is, at least one medical student cracks under the pressure in surgery rotation every year and ends up having to be institutionalized. Sara McCaffe is determined not to follow in their footsteps. But, there is one operating room, OR 13, that is never used. Fifteen years ago, a terrible accident occurred in there and 5 people were incinerated; burned to death. Sara is told that OR 13 has not been used since. That’s really strange, though, because that is the OR room she is assigned for her first surgical rotation, which takes place on Halloween!

All in all, there were only two stories out of the nine in this book that I didn’t care for. Although some of the other 5 that I did like did not embody the Halloween spirit, in my opinion, most of them were very good and I did enjoy reading them. I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5. It was edited very well and was a nice collection of stories to read. Right now, you can download this book for FREE on Smashwords, so grab your copy and settle in for some spooky reading this October! Don’t forget a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine, a blanket to keep the chill away, and of course, a crucifix for when you read, “The Revenge”!
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Katy Sozaeva reviewed on on Sep. 11, 2011

“The Halloween Collection” contains 9 stories, all either set on Halloween or having an otherworldly flare to them. “Mind-Blower” has two youngsters up against demons. “The Village of Those Who Touch the Dead” - set in Eddie McNally’s Norothian Cycle world – has yakuza against a dreadful, murderous demon. My favorite, “Haunting of OR 13,” is about an intern who ends up facing OR 13 on Halloween. “To Taste of Shimmering Revenge” was another favorite – a vampire, who had been in a torpor for 400 years, finds himself in modern-day California and aghast at the modern perception of vampires. He must get his revenge. “Ralphie the Special Werewolf” has a sofa cushion fetish and must either find a real girl within 24 hours or be neutered. “Sunwalker’s Kiss” is hard to describe without spoiling it, but is a very good read. “Magickal Vendetta” is pretty much straight romance, by the formula, only with a witch and I didn’t much care for it, although it is well written. “The Rhyn Trilogy: Origins” gives the origin of Rhynn, who is to be found in Lizzy Ford’s other books.

Overall a great set of short stories in the paranormal genre, ranging from light-hearted and fun to horror. Recommended for this Halloween season, or anytime!
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