Supermassive Ancient Galaxies

7th of 7 books in new cosmic Trillion Theory series by author Ed Lukowich. Trillion Theory (the new theory by founder/theorist/author Ed Lukowich) is summarized in this book. This new Trillion Theory depicts its estimated ancient trillion year age and origin for our cosmos. More
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About Ed Lukowich

Ed Lukowich, is a Canadian cosmology writer of a new enthralling non-fiction universe theory entitled Trillion Theory, which consists of 7 book in the series, comprised of: Trillion Theory (1st book); Trillion Years Universe Theory (2nd book); Black Holes Built our Cosmos (3rd book); T Theory Says: Who Owns Our Universe (4th book); Spinning Black Hole Inside Our Earth (5th book); Black Holes: Why Do They Spin (6th book); Supermassive Ancient Galaxies (7th book) in the completed Ed Lukowich cosmology series. Ed's latest TRILLION THEORY summary book entitled 'Supermassive Ancient Galaxies' is available as a FREE download.
Ed is also the author of a super futuristic sci-fi novel entitled The Trillionist (under pen name Sagan Jeffries) which depicts the despicable actions of an older-than-dirt entity which deviously manipulates its planet along a path to disaster.
Ed is a former World and Olympian curler and National Coach turned sci-fi cosmology writer. See website for all of his cosmology and futuristic paperback books and e-books.

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About the Series: Trillion Theory
The 'Trillion Theory series' is a 7 book series which deals with a new theory as to the age and origin of our cosmos. In this series, Canadian theorist and cosmology author Ed Lukowich presents the new concept of how black holes have built the cosmic spheres. These black holes then control all of the cosmic solar systems and galaxies. T Theory states that this process of building and controlling by black holes has grown our universe from a small beginning to it present colossal size today.
Here are the 7 book in the Trillion Theory series: Trillion Theory (1st book)
Trillion Years Universe Theory (2nd book)
Black Holes Built our Cosmos (3rd book)
Theory Says: Who Owns Our Universe (4th)
Spinning Black Hole Inside Our Earth (5th book).
All of these 5 books are in paperback and ebook formats.
Black Holes Why Do They Spin (6th book) ebook format only.
Supermassive Ancient Galaxies (7th book) ebook format only.
Check all major distributors for the books.
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Ed Lukowich is also the author of the futuristic sci-fi novel entitled The Trillionist (written under pen name Sagan Jeffries).
See website at

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