New Wave

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When seventeen-year-old Mol is caught committing a crime, she kicks and screams her way into a dull existence of servitude in the Authority, the suffocating patriarchal regime that oversees The Network of Islands. Her penance makes her restless, and she soon finds an outlet to direct her attention — the young Commander who is at the root of her unhappiness.

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About Jennifer Ann Shore

Jennifer Ann Shore is a writer and an Amazon bestselling author based in Seattle, Washington.

She has written two novels: "New Wave," a young adult dystopian, and "The Extended Summer of Anna and Jeremy," a young adult romance — published in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

In her decade of working in journalism, marketing, and book publishing, she has won numerous awards for her work, from companies such as Hearst and SIIA.

Be sure to visit her website ( and follow her on Twitter (@JenniferAShore), Instagram (@shorely) or your preferred social media channel to stay in touch.

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Karen Matthews reviewed on Oct. 3, 2018

4.5 stars
Creatively inventive, “New Wave” is a great book for fans of alternative dystopian, science fiction, action, drama and romance, etc. Although it sits in a crowded field, this novel holds its own with the detailed world building and solid plot structure, and an interesting cast characters and plenty of intrigue to go around. But there were some times where I felt it could have used some trimming down, as while technically the editing was nearly flawless, there were frequent places where there was needless information, scenes, or too much telling narrative (instead of showing us through conversations and action). However, I feel Jennifer did a great job of bringing in a unique voice and making the story wholly her own, and giving it a fresh feel. I certainly didn’t feel like I’ve read this a million times before, even if it has a somewhat familiar literary premise. While it takes its time to develop the tension I like for an engrossing story, it does get there and the ending will make you wish the next one was published already (when IS it coming out?) Interesting theories and a fun cast of characters to take you along for this exciting journey. Recommend for ages 17+
(reviewed the day of purchase)
LaylaM1 reviewed on Oct. 3, 2018

"New Wave” is a new adult dystopian, with the same vibe we’ve seen in several others… where the world is different than now, split up, there is a powerful ruling body and the young men and women who challenge the authority and rise up against it to establish a new order. It’s a familiar theme, but one that has a lot of merit and has the ability to tell powerful stories of humanity and character development, especially with regards to finding personal strength and values (and romance). There is action here, yes, but it’s not what I’d consider ‘action-packed’ like “Hunger Games” or something… this felt more like a compelling character-drama (under strange circumstances) to me, and with the world Jennifer created and the way it’s written it makes sense and is easy to grasp the complex ideas she puts forth. I thought that she did a good job with the descriptions of the settings and the different characters. Although Mol is the MC and we see things through her eyes, we get to know the others well too… I did like watching the dynamic unfold with her and Sebastian, but also how she is with Julian and Luca… she is strong and rebellious and that doesn’t exactly help her in a society like this! I was surprised at some things that happened, and liked that I never really knew where it was going so it kept me on my toes. I thought the epilogue summed up too much stuff and glossed over some key things that should have been more fleshed out (like with the parents). But overall emotionally engaging and entertaining, and occasionally sexy ride that also makes you think outside the box. Suitable for mature teens and older.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Claire Middleton reviewed on Sep. 27, 2018

4.5 stars
I really did like Jennifer Shore’s writing and the editing was very well done- clean and professional. I did, however think the beginning was a little slow, a lot of ‘telling’ narration and character backstory and lot setup especially with the different characters and and the whole society structure with the ‘roles’ (The Authority, the Elite, the Placement, etc…) – just takes a while for the real ‘hook’ to show, but by the end there were so many highs and lows, it felt like a rollercoaster. I enjoyed the ending (the epilogue) even though it feels kind of abrupt it makes you want to see what happens next for them. I recommend it for mature teens on up because of some perhaps ‘adultish’ scenes, but they work well with the storyline and do not feel gratuitous.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Essieh reviewed on Sep. 25, 2018

I read a lot of YA and NA dystopian/fantasy books, so this is a genre I’m familiar with. I’d never read anything from Jennifer Ann Shore before, but the premise seemed interesting and I was intrigued with the opening pages. I’m always on the lookout for fresh new series to get into, so I was curious to see how she would deliver in this one “NEW WAVE: The Islands of Anarchy”. While it’s not perfect, Ms. Shore is unarguably a talented writer, but more than that she genuinely impressed me with the thorough world-building of this ‘alternative’ island-worlds with Mol, Luca, Julian and Sebastian (and the others…), and the creativeness and inventiveness on several levels with the characters and their interactions. Especially in this genre, all too often I read works that feel clearly derivative of other books, and although I appreciate literary influences (as is mildly felt here on occasion), Ms. Shore was still able to cast this world and her characters in a new light to give it a unique feel – a blend of drama, suspense, mystery, action and romance that I’d recommend for fans of books like “Matched”, “The Selection”, “Divergent”, etc…Hope the next one is available soon!
(reviewed the day of purchase)
GillianHancock reviewed on Sep. 25, 2018

Fantastic! Wow what an ending! Actually the whole thing was pretty great, but I don’t think I put it down once after the 70% mark. This is an impressive effort from debut author Jennifer Ann Shore, and it is quite clear that she is an author to keep an eye on. While this book wasn’t without its weak spots, as I do feel the pacing needed tightening (especially in the beginning) and an editor needed to use the red-pen over some trivial details or excessive wordiness, there is the spark of something wonderfully inventive here (rare for this genre!) and the writing felt as natural as it did effortless, and very appropriate for YA/new adult crossover. Some complex and profound ideas are explored here in a way that is understandable and believable (enough) – and while at times it did border on being a little confusing with the different groups and their names (always capitalized to distinguish importance), we still manage to understand and appreciate the bigger picture. It’s not really that long, but it has that big “epic” feel to it which I always enjoy. You really get lost on this exciting, unpredictable, alternative world for a long time and don’t want to leave! This is a rare novel that I thought had almost everything from survival, friendships, romance, familial/societal relationships, suspense, intellect…even philosophical conversations and danger, action and surprising shocks. It’s hard not to find something you like. Ms. Shore’s writing style is fun and easy to read and I’m looking forward to reading more from her soon! Recommend!
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Brenda Maxwell reviewed on Sep. 22, 2018

3.5 stars
what a well-written and well-crafted novel! I am not usually all that impressed with the writing styles of many NA author’s these days, as they seem to try to dumb it down and talk with as much snark and attitude as possible and use sex as the main crux of the books. But I was impressed with Jennifer Ann Shore’s prose and the character building had more depth than just hot sex )(thank goodness). But it is still sexy! It starts like a small stream, flowing softly, and then gets bigger and deeper with the waters raging into an ocean storm (pardon the terrible comparisons with the book themes, lol). Even if at times I thought there needed more action, it is so well written, and the dialogue and conversations with the characters were authentic and perfect for the age and genre. You can’t fake that in my opinion. I for one have never read a book that had such a readable storyline about something that could easily be so cliché! (but wasn’t) I did think that it needed higher stakes or more tension however… things just ‘happen’, but there are no real risks or consequences (not until way later, at least)… But I liked the storyline and was engaged until the end. Ends almost mid scene (but there is an epilogue after, not that it wraps it up any better…), but this is just the first of the series so there’s more to come
(reviewed the day of purchase)
LauraClarke reviewed on Sep. 22, 2018

Usually I tend to lean towards more adult thrillers, action and adventure and contemporary novels. But I was in the mood for something a little different. So even though New Adult sci/fi & dystopian (… and romance) isn’t usually my thing (I know I’m in the minority here!), I decided to give “New Wave” a shot and totally give myself permission to set it down without shame if it wasn’t my thing. So imagine my surprise when I finished over half the book in one sitting! LOL! I can definitely say that a lot of people will enjoy this book! First off the characters are super interesting and likable. We get a decent sense of who they all are without their ‘personalities’ or ‘drama’ overshadowing the storyline. We are in Mol’s perspective and meet her brother Luca, Julian, Sebastian, “Punisher”, Guards”, Commander”, the “Elite”, Hope, Ray, Everett, Hugo, Isabel, and many many more creative characters and figures who all contribute to the story in their own ways. I liked their relationships, and thought Mol is a great heroine to root for – spunky and strong, but not perfect (boring!) It takes some time to build, but we finally see what is going on in this crazy world of theirs, and experience the full why things are so different... I especially like everything flows so smoothly right to the end, which seems to come way too fast! I enjoyed this much more than I thought I might, and would happily read more from Jennifer in the future!
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Samantha Ryan reviewed on Sep. 21, 2018

this book was great once I got into it-- lots of fun to read and very descriptive. Almost too descriptive at times as the cost of some pacing that lags in the beginning, but it does improve as it goes along. Interesting characters, and a solid mix of drama, adventure, romance, and intellect. I was a little surprised at the amount of heavy narrative, especially in the beginning, but also throughout the rest of the book, and thought we spent too much time in Mol’s head and needed more engagement and meaningful dialogue much sooner and more frequently. We spend much of the book getting more of a feel about this interesting new world and the characters and their backgrounds, and there are a lot of physical descriptions of characters – common in this genre, I know, but felt too emphasized here for some reason. Has the super “hot” guys and girls, and a lot of emphasis it seemed (to me) on good looks – which is a common thing in YA/NA I know, but I do prefer when its less of an issue. But once things got moving along, I definitely got hooked and appreciated a lot of other elements Shore brings into play. I liked that it is so detailed throughout we feel part of Mol’s experience, good and bad. Loved the chemistry with her and Sebastian and liked that she is strong and stands up for what’s right, even if it puts her in risk. I feel like I knew some characters better than others (some just felt like names), but I am definitely curious to see what is in store for them in the “refuge” and where it all goes next. I do love the cover and thought the editing was very polished.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
SherriWarner reviewed on Sep. 21, 2018

I honestly had no idea what to expect when reading this as I went into it pretty blind (only read a brief blurb, which didn’t really explain much at all I don’t think…) and I was in no way prepared for how totally addicting this novel would be, and the sheer magnitude of the new world (the islands), the intriguing and sexy characters, the multi plots that break the mold … I was certainly impressed, especially because she’s a debut author (I was surprised!). The way Jennifer Ann Shore writes is captivating from the beginning and you just want to keep reading and reading and not stop. It is both descriptive and has great world building (important for any dystopian/sci-fi) but also is interesting and has plenty of action and suspense throughout so that you aren’t bored, even when the pace slows for more character or plot development (you can tell there’s more to the story than we know). I was reading as fast as I could (especially toward the end), and even though it’s a pretty long book, I was disappointed when it was over. I wanted more!! But the ending is awesome as is the rest of the book and I hope the next one isn’t too far off. I hate having to wait! Recommend for fans of dystopian/scifi and even has very strong romantic element, but it is not the sole focus of the novel, or of Mol’s identity (thank goodness!).
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Stacy Decker reviewed on Sep. 21, 2018

New Wave-The Islands of Anarchy (Book 1)” by debut author Jennifer Ann Shore is the first book I’ve read by this amazing author but I certainly hope it’s not the last! This world she creates here is nicely- conceived, yet simplistic in a way, with a codified set of functions and places in a structured society of islands… one that will face upheaval and rebellion that drives the story. I was pleased with the level of character development throughout, especially with Mol, but also with Julian and of course Sebastian – the plotlines are complex and intelligent which I always appreciate (no ‘dumbing’ down here). There are several big reveals that continue to shift the storyline in unexpected ways, something that even a jaded reader like myself can fully appreciate and still be surprised by. This is great because nothing I hate more than predictable cliché tropes. I would also like to commend the level of professionalism in this novel, from the cool cover, to the formatting, to the editing and the overall execution– all top notch. This book has a more literary tone, and some readers may bemoan the lack of high-stakes action or graphically romantic interludes (there are spicy scenes and action, don’t get me wrong. Just not ‘over-the-top), but I think that works well here and keeps the focus on the idea of the story (the bigger concept) rather than character actions. Different, yet entertaining. And I think the title of the book and series captures the spirit perfectly Very cool. Looking forward to more and will be recommending to my friends.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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