Ashes of the Enslaved

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Dealing with loss, pain, war, and suffering, the author of the highly rated book “Pseudo Man” is back again with a new version of spectacles, allowing you to view the world through his eyes. Following is a collection of poems that will reignite the wounds that were buried by the sands of time. Proceed with caution.
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About Abdul Sami

Abdul Sami (born August 30, 1998) has been inking content centered on the harsher end of the spectrum. At the same time, his love for nature has allowed him to explore new themes and develop new ideas. He cites Charles Dickens, T.S. Eliot, Ted Hughes, and Walt Whitman as his major influences.

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Review by: ZAEEMBhatti on Aug. 19, 2018 :
In my opinion, best of the books written by Abdul Sami till now. He makes you face the truth of society and how it manipulates you in different ways. He describes the constant war of man with the tyrants of society (which often ends in defeat)and with his own self."medicate"is quite exceptional in the book and perfectly concludes the poets ideas.
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Review by: Mustafa Amir on Aug. 12, 2018 :
Ashes of the Enslaved, It is just as good as the book which were written by the author before. It's incredible.
Not much of a book worm. Regardless, this very book happened to be as moving and an eve opener as the first book written by the author.
Loved the way Abdul sami plays with the words, capturing the entire scenario within his words.
Would love to read this book again overtime, as such books appear once in a while striking the soul of the reader on a deeper level.
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Review by: Candy33 on Aug. 10, 2018 :
The words are very powerful and his book covers are very cool...I like thoughtful writing over the usual mainstream fluff. I enjoy personalities with a deep soul who know how to express themselves either in abstract or write straight from the heart.
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Review by: Hamdan Ali Khan on Aug. 7, 2018 :
I must say the inspiration is uncanny; and one exceedingly fuelled by T.S.Eliot ;Mr.Whitman and poets quintessentially of Victorian/Modernist era....
However there is also a unique blend; a sort of a signature in the writings that ensures it's quality.
For the betterment of the poet I must also recommend poetic masterpieces of the Elizabethan era Along with a dose of "The Raven" by Edgar Alan Poe.
What I also would like to see is the poet's experimentation with other poetic forms too.For instance try a Sonnet.
And I would love the regional development of Poetry in the region where poet comes from.
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Review by: Mohsinali29 on Aug. 7, 2018 :
Happy to see a great addition to my collection of favourite books. Though i am an amateur reader,but abdul sami never fails to surprise me with the eloquence and depth of feelings which i think of with an air of maybe spirituality or morality idk.
Keep it up.
5 stars.
Thumbs up.
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Review by: Hadi on Aug. 7, 2018 :
I am pleased to see that the author continues to produce great books, I was a bit worried that as the genre is a bit of an acquired taste the author may not pursue the series. I am happy to be wrong. The book in it's self is superb, many will not appreciate it for what it is; the ugly truth. Poetry is indeed difficult to write harder still is to get ones message through to the audience while maintaining a balance between structure and rhythm. Abdul Sami has succeeded in this regard, the literature infront of us is phenomenal, each piece focuses on an aspect of the human condition, the authors point of view is clear and concrete, the tone firm but not overpowering and allows the audience to develop their own ideas. Most importantly the writing has impeccable flow. Somthing that I noticed was this third attempt by the author is considerably more polished. This piece has a certain maturity to it that wasn't present in the previous books. I like the way Abdul Sami is adapting his work perhaps he himself is discovering his style, I can say for sure that I am eager to see what his next work looks like.
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Review by: Sabdullah99 on Aug. 6, 2018 :
Amazing! Even better than the first two by this author! Only hope to see more of these in the coming years.
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Review by: A Wild Corydora on Aug. 4, 2018 :
The third foray into poetry by this particular author and yet another triumph. You can tell with every release how the author matures alongside his work. It is a marvel how one can coalesce both light and darkness to such a degree.
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Review by: PrettyPettyPoet2012 on Aug. 4, 2018 :
This author is a way with words. I'm surprise on his choice of words.
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