Teslas World - An Introduction To Teslacoin

Teslacoin’s Blockchain Leading The Renewable Energy Revolution

The evolution of humanity has always been associated with the amount of available energy. This has been the case in all ages and will remain so as long as man remains on planet earth. Teslacoin aims to change the way we create energy around the world! More
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About Deane Thomas

My life journey has taken me to some amazing places in the world, where I have connected with some amazing people. It has been an adventure, to say the least. But it has allowed me to truly see the way we have evolved. There have been many times I have known and felt something deep inside, guiding me sometimes down paths better left alone. But I have returned a better person, stronger for the experience.
The past few years especially have been spent trying to get to know "Who I am,” and why certain things keep happening. I have therefore been led to retreat into solitude -- to reflect upon the set of core issues that continue -- without careful monitoring -- to cause me to have doubts and feelings of diminished self-worth.

I want you to learn why you might be having similar self-doubts - and to learn what you can do about them.

Love Outside The Box is the culmination of my desire to help others. This guide will help you to see clearly things you might not want to see -- but things that, when confronted -- will help you heal and be made whole again. Only through a commitment and investment into self can we truly appreciate and experience the power we possess. For, in the final analysis, love is an awesome power we all possess and can share without conditions or expectations.

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