Paul Walker - My View From Here

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Channeled words from Paul Walker about death, life and the after life...a.k.a, Heaven. More
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Nicole Morley reviewed on Jan. 11, 2019
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If your a HUGH Paul Walker fan like myself then what I'm about to share will be of interest to you.

Author Kimberly Quezada has decided to make actual copies of Paul Walker's book "My View From Here" available for purchase.

It seems his book which is available to read for free here on Smashwords has struck a cord with many people.

Paul Walker fans as well as those who have simply stumbled across his book by sheer coincidence are craving the need for the written word(Paul's mouth to your ears).

When it comes to connecting with the spirit world and your loved ones all you have to do is STEP OUT ON FAITH and BELIEVE that in life "NOTHING HAPPENS BY CHANCE".

The other saying that comes to mind and it's one we've all heard before and that is "SEEING IS BELIEVING".

If you can retain the ability to keep an open mind and not limit yourself in any area of your life then the possibilities are endless.

If you would like to get your hands on a copy of Paul's book then simply go to and contact Kimberly directly.

You will not regret purchasing this book as I can personally attest to the fact that I was literally hanging off Paul's every word.

I can't personally speak for Paul(obviously) but I can take my best guess and say he must be deeply appreciative when it comes to the volume of interest in his highly anticipated book.

My sincere hope as a fan anyways is that later on down the road he might consider doing another book.

His uplifting and straight to the point insights and views from both sides of the "SPIRITUAL VEIL"(spirit world vs earth and earth vs spirit world) really makes you stop and think.

By taking a closer look at your own worldly views Paul shows you that you don't have to sacrifice your own belief system or choose one side over the other.

One of the points Paul makes in his book is that he wants to teach all of us to start thinking for ourselves again rather then following an already existing path.

The second point he wants to make is something were all too familiar with and that is the simple art of "FREE WILL".

Here's what I personally learned from Paul's book and I hope it's something that resonates with you as well.

What I learned is this: We can either swim up stream with the current and focus on making the world a better place(new ideas, expanding our minds) or we can simply continue to swim downstream(old ideas, old set of world views) with the rest of the group.

This is where FREE WILL comes into play which is why the choice is ours and ours alone in any life decisions we make BIG or small Good or Bad.

I hope you don't miss your opportunity to get this truly MAGICAL book because it definitely goes without saying that Paul Walker does make a great "GIFTY" (even in book form) :)
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Leanne H reviewed on Nov. 8, 2018

Paul and Kimberly make one hell of a team! Or should I say, one “heaven” of a team?😏 I am so thankful that Kimberly has the ability to channel Paul word for word because he has so many relatable ways of bringing what many people couldn’t even begin to imagine to a simple understanding of what matter of factly just “is”.
I loved every second of this book and honestly started to read it slower because I didn’t want it to end! I slowly unraveled page by page like it was the last piece of good quality chocolate needing to savor every last bite. I am constantly learning new practical information from Paul that can be applied to my life and the lives of so many around me. I wish I could get a hard copy of this book so that I could give it to everyone I know for Christmas! That is how much I value his knowledge, compassion and understanding of both Spirit and the human race. Thank-you, buddy, for your insight that continues to blow my mind.
Love you, Paul, for all that you do! You bring so much joy, laughter and understanding to my life and I would never have believed that possible before you. Thank-you, Kim, for the amazing human angel/warrior that YOU are and your precision in your delivery of Paul’s words and all those you channel. Wouldn’t know life as I now do without you. The two of you blow my mind and looking forward to book #2...haha! No pressure. 😉

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onebluelove23 reviewed on Sep. 20, 2018

This book is easily one of the two or three best books I HAVE EVER READ.

In this book, Paul Walker takes you on a journey of what his life on Earth was like, what his death felt like, how his attitudes and beliefs have changed since being human, what he is up to nowadays in Heaven, and how he met the wonderful channel of this book, Kimberly.

One of the most important points of this book is that Heaven is also a place on Earth. You don't have to die to experience Heaven on Earth. Paul WANTS to bring Heaven on Earth into everyone's lives. Even now he is still helping people. Just in a different way.

If you don't believe in the idea of an afterlife, God, or parallel lives (I would challenge you with Multiverse Theory if you don't believe in the idea that you could be living another life besides the one you are currently living), then that is okay. I would just ask you to at least consider these ideas—these same ideas Paul talks about in this book—to consider them for a moment. You just never know....

I remember when he first started visiting me about a year and a half ago. I really questioned it. I started noticing all these strange signs and coincidences. Although I was communicating with another spirit already, I did not think I would be able to communicate with a second spirit, let alone a spirit who was a well-known CELEBRITY. But that's the thing about Paul. He is as real as they come. He is the same genuine, loving man he was while alive as a human. He never thought himself as a "celebrity" or as better than anyone else while Earth. That hasn't changed. Paul wants to communicate with anyone who is willing to talk to him. If you ask him to be around you, he WILL make himself known to you. Don't be like me and question it lol. After countless of signs and coincidences, even I couldn't deny it to myself that Paul Walker was talking to me. And even if you don't ask him to make his presence known to you, he still might anyways lol.

I am ending this review by saying something to Paul Walker:

Thank you for being YOU, Angel Paul. You are crushing it, brother. I love you.
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Nicole Morley reviewed on Sep. 6, 2018

This is an AWESOME THOUGHT PROVOKING book by Paul Walker and I encourage everyone to read it. If you never took the opportunity to follow what Paul had to say in life then you sure as HECK want to follow what he has to say in death.

As a fan of Paul's both on screen and off I can honestly say what he is sharing with his readers comes from a deep space of LOVE and RESPECT. Some of the terminology Paul talks about went a little over my head but hang in there long enough and all becomes clear.

When it comes to reading Paul's book "My View From Here" the best advice I can share with everyone is to KEEP AN OPEN MIND. Don't be afraid to let your mind wander and go to those places Paul talks about because as a Spiritualist I can say with a 100% certainty THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATH.

Whatever your belief system is always remember there is more to life then what you see in the world around you. If you want to truly do something to honor the spirit that is and will forever be Paul Walker consider doing this one simple thing.

Spread JOY, HAPPINESS and PEACE wherever life may take you and wherever the roads may lead. What better gift to give back to someone who has opened their heart and shared all that they experienced in life and all they are now experiencing in death.

As a reader I also have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to author Kimberly Quezada. Kimberly is Paul's right hand girl and she works DILIGENTLY to make sure Paul's words and all that he wants to share get translated correctly. Keep doing what your doing Kimberly because your on the right path girl :)
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