Anatomy Of Amazing Lyrics! Autobiography

Complete anthology of everything I have written! My accomplishments and inventions are completely explained. I prove scientifically, and provide evidence to prove that I am one of the greatest writers of all time when it comes to technical skill! Everything I show you is publicly available on the internet, and this book provides the time-stamps. I have broken down barriers in the English language!
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About Adam Stark

My true passion is Hip Hop. I've been writing my whole life, rhymes, raps, songs, poetry, parodies ect. I decided after all these years of writing, to try to test myself to write an entire book that has nothing to do with me or Hip Hop. As far as Rap goes, I have done it all with my very talented writing and my very talented freestyling (improvisational performances). I have wrote in many different rhyme patterns; I have created the most complex metaphors similes punchlines entendre's alliterations homophones hyperbole's onomatopoeia's ect. I broke down barriers in the English language, for example I wrote the very first quintuple implied meaning line, you say it one way and it means 5 different things! And I'm also one of the worlds fastest rappers (or talkers) where I have proof of it where I hold up a stopwatch while I perform to prove legitimacy. I really enjoy writing and I take all of my work seriously, I do everything for free because I want to be remembered rather than be rich (potentially)

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