Alice In Virtuality

A sci-fi action adventure in virtual reality from the British author of the best selling short story collection 'Points of Possibility'. More
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About Norman Turrell

You can find all my details - including art, music and photography dabblings - at my website:

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I've published four books on Amazon, three of which reached #1 in their categories.

Born in 1963, I grew up in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, U.K. I dropped out of school and only obtained 5 'O' levels. I got myself back on track five years later when I went to college at Brighton Polytechnic studying Mathematics and Computing and much later studying a Masters degree in Autonomous System, for which I received a merit. I've been in software development for 26 years.

I run two writing groups in Brighton (UK), a ukulele group and produce local publications. I continue to work full time.

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