The Shift Of The Ages: The New 6th Race

The New World we are moving into is internal and external - an extraordinary Parallel Reality which is visionary or spiritual as well as physical and geographic. It's another way of existing in another dimension which is here, in this same old world, only it vibrates beyond the reach of our five senses. More
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About Xara Zerion

I was born a medium, but it was only at the age of thirty-five that I entered in a permanent fusion with my Third Eye. During childhood, I developed a deep fear of darkness as my psychic vision would open spontaneously in the middle of the night, exposing me to disturbing contacts with ghosts and spirits of the dead. Like many, I grew up in an environment that could not support this gift which, at the time, I perceived as a curse. Having to deal with the fear and anxiety caused by Nyctophobia soon brought me to develop yet another ailment. At the age of fifteen I became anorexic and was sick for twenty-five long, long years.
It was only many decades later that I met Lino Sambuco, a talented Yoga Teacher/Bioenergetics Therapist who, with the help of some Yoga exercises for the eyes and bioenergetic breathing techniques, taught me to ground myself and control when and how to open myself to the invisible world. That’s all it took for the anorexia to vanish – together with my fear of darkness!
In the years to come, I began a long journey across my homeland, Italy, which has been one spiritual adventure after another of teaching and learning with various remarkable Spiritual Teachers: Shantaam Dheeraj at the Global Village in Tuscany, Dr. Angela Azzaro at Aspic Counselling Centre in Modena, Carla Melchiorri and Noelle Perez-Christiaens at ISA – Modena, his eminence Lama Ganchen Rimpoche, and many others. It was through their teachings and initiations that I began to open a channel of communication with enlightened beings originating from a Parallel World which is millions, if not billions of years ahead in time from us. They presented Themselves as our “Fathers” – the Gods of Mankind. No words can describe how fortunate and blessed I feel to have received so much love and knowledge from These fabulous beings. I wrote and painted so much about life on the other side that, in 2011, I wrote in Italian and published a fully illustrated book called "Il Salto Vibrazionale - 2012?". I then translated it into English and updated it to the current Ebook format: "The Shift Of The Ages".

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