Para mi haber escrito este libro fue maravilloso y extraordinario. Por muchas razone. En este libro pude expresar mis verdaderos sentimientos y mis experiencias, pude contar que descubrí parte de mi destino en otros horizontes. Para me fue inesperada mi vida. Fue como nadar en el mar sin saber lo que me esperaba. Quiero enviar mi mensaje a todos aquellos sin la menor idea de lo que se vive como in More

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About Aracely Salazar

When I was just a little girl, I grew up surround by little animals, chickens, mice, cockroaches, frogs, and crickets jumping all over in our ranch, but they were the only friends I had to play with. We were so poor, we had nothing to eat nor clothes to wear.
We were captured and not allowed to go anywhere. We lived in the dark because we had no electricity, in a sad house with no childhood, we only had to clean the little room we had at the ranch where we lived at.
My parents had professional careers, but my father only worked, my mother was schizophrenic because my father never let her work or get out of the house, he was also an alcoholic. My parents always took our child dreams away; they were both too selfish to let us be free, they never let us have friends or freedom as kids, we were only their slaves.
My mother, father, and my older brother were abusive to me, they would hit me with lashes when I tried to escape, sometimes I wanted to die instead.
I had to cook, clean, and serve my family as I was their servant; I was only a little girl when I wanted to escape to where they would never find me.
I learned a lesson because as the time went by when I was finally fourteen years old, my mother died of breast cancer, then my brother also died in a car accident. After my struggles, I trusted who I thought was my friend, he got me pregnant at the age of sixteen; going through the challenges and obstacles I learned the hard way to survive.
When I finally escaped my father hated me, he abandoned all of us three children in the unknown. I took advantage of the situation and migrated to America even though I had to go through more struggles to survive with my child; after my child was born. we were picking up food off the streets to not die hungry, so it was time for us to go.
I wanted to look for the life I never had for me and my child on new horizons.
When I got to America, I still went through many struggles and with nowhere to go.
So then I bought a saxophone to play music on the streets of America to be able to support my child as I was a single mother and also in charge of my little sister that my mother left behind.
When came to America, all I wanted was to learn the language to communicated in English. I found out that I had multiple talents as a person.
I never felt love in my life, but then in America I learned to love shared and to be love. With disappointments, I learned that nothing was as easy as I dreamt it. I went through sacrifices and as an immigrant, because I wanted to make it to the top to achieve all my goals.
I had to traveled cross country to find my destiny, I had to cross many barriers to achieve success in anything I put my mind to. After all the sacrifices I went through as an immigrant all I knew was that I had to win.
I was hungry and poor, but without knowing how to speak English I learned it all as I was moving on. I made it from the bottom to be a top model in Beverly Hills, I’m a professional business woman as today, and now an author. Happy to be alive and surviving all was my salvation. It was painful in my heart in the end after all the struggles. I had many wounds left in my heart, which I only left them in the past. Fortunately after all I went through, I discovered that all I lived was part of my destiny. My past is in the past, my present is the present, and my future will always be there waiting for my survival skills I learned through the years.

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