City of the Sands

The hunt for a lost city where gold was gathered, somewhere in the Egyptian desert. Five friends follow the clues to the hidden city, chased by Egyptian agents, the military and criminals, all wanting the gold for themselves. More
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October 1, 2019
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About John Day

Dear readers,
If you were to spend years writing great books and hearing nothing back, I think you would be rather disappointed with the human race. I put my books out there for free, for your benefit, not mine.
When you download them, read them and enjoy them, at least do the decent thing and write a review. Even if it is just "A great read, thanks John." It would mean so much to me and encourage me to keep writing.
If you just downloaded the books, because they are free and don't bother to read them, seek medical help. Hoarding does neither of us any good. You don't get a great read and I have no idea if you loved or hated the books. I will assume you hated them and become broken hearted and depressed.

Now a bit about me. I have no idea why you would want to read this, but authors are supposed to write this crap.

Born in England he spent most of his working life there running his own businesses. In 2005 he and his wife Carole, moved to the beautiful Channel Island of Alderney.
Inspired by a dream one night whilst on holiday, perhaps it was the wine maybe the rich food, we shall never know, the sudden desire to write surged through his active loins.
Expect to read fast paced stories with an unusual plot.
Amongst his other interests are Photography or as he likes to describe himself, a Happy Snapper! His photo website has a remarkably large following.
Adventurous by nature, John Day has had some very close calls. Occasionally life has been quite cruel, but his knack of turning adversity into advantage has served him well. His experience of life shines through in his writing.

About the Series: The 5
A group of 5 adventurers join forces to find treasure and explore mysteries that tempt them into danger and great excitement.

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