Keys of Awakening

A disparate group of Chosen and their Riders depart from Kuon on their first leg to several destinations. Their mission is to obtain knowledge, understanding and the seven Keys that they will need when they reach the Goddess' Temple. They have no inkling of the perils they will face, nor of the malevolent forces that are consolidating to prevent them from reaching their goals. More

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About Claudio Silvano

I was born in a place called Trieste. At the time it was a city-state in its own right, nowadays it's a part of Italy.

I spent the first 18 years of my life bouncing between Trieste and Australia - the latter eventually won.

I discovered the fantasy genre in my thirties and I have never looked back. Sadly I find that quite a lot of the fantasy I come across is quite mediocre, so I have decided to add to it myself - and you, the reader, may judge whether I have succeeded in lifting or in lowering its standard...

When I read a book, I want to be taken on a journey that is at once believable, captivating, completely enthralling and preferably free of clichés. I do not care for formula writing - or formula anything, for that matter.

I want to feel the world depicted on the page and interact with the characters as if they were incarnate before me.
I want to feel, for a time, as if the hero or heroine's flesh is forming itself around my bones, that I am living the tale that is being spun and that I will emerge enriched by the experience.

Perhaps I've set the benchmark too high... but I hope that I will always strive for the heights, even if they are beyond my current reach.

How else am I going to grow?

About the Series: Destiny of Fire
Destiny of Fire follows the experiences of a young woman who is drawn out of self-imposed seclusion into a quest of mythical proportions. Along this journey she gradually learns to face and eventually abandon her fears and to trust in the mysterious powers of life itself. Stepping up doesn't come easy for Illiom, but she has the support of several friends and of a RIder who steadfastly strives to keep her out of harm's way.

As in life, there are no guarantees that the goal will be reached, for despite the support and even love that surrounds her there are equally dark and destructive forces that are rallying against the group Chosen to whom she belongs.

Only time will determine the outcome and reveal if the prophecy found at the story's inception was true, or was indeed a trap.

Also in Series: Destiny of Fire


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