Love Without Limits

In the end, we are with a person who is worth all the suffering, and who shares with us an enchantment with this gift called love. Our trembling hands reach out to the right one, and their heroism inspires us to carry on all our lives. These eight poems express the conviction that love can be boundless and limitlessly forgiving; if we first believe, we can then find the courage to love. G reading. More
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About Wild Rose Cherry

When not writing, I can be found daydreaming in my sunroom or painting my partner's splendid toenails. I like to write poetry and fiction that either titillate, provoke, or both. Much of what I put to paper is based on my personal experience and private fantasies - it's hard to distinguish between the two, even for me. My partner has a sweet little cat called Quigley, and she spends her time on my lap while I write. I don't know what matters more - our dreams, reality, or the transformation of dreams into reality. Quigley seems to know as she purrs away, but she can't say. That is why us humans spend so much time searching and creating - we want that elusive moment when our animal nature is in harmony with our intellects, and we can, for an instant, see through the eyes of the human animal. There is magic in the air all about us, if only we look for it.

About the Series: Roads that Lead to Love
There are so many obstacles in life which we must overcome before lasting contentment and love are found. There are illusions about ourselves, others and the world which must be addressed before we can know ourselves and human nature clearly enough to make strong bonds with others.

There is also the question of courage. Courage is really just desire unleashed in the sufficiently aware person. Courage is more important than confidence, and its use can lead to a rapid rise in one's self-worth.

Love is what it is all about. Perhaps the greatest contributions we can make to those around us and the world in general are when we allow our love to unfold, express it with courage, and accept the results of our efforts.

Roads that Lead to Love will help the poetry reader see who they are not, who they really are, and then extrapolate their self-knowledge to an awareness of the reality of others. Read, and enjoy.

Also in Series: Roads that Lead to Love

About the Series: Poetry for Women
By turns philosophical, homoerotic, whimsical, and feminist, this series delves into what it is to be a woman in the western world - in particular, what it is to be a lesbian.

Whether we are yoked or liberated, belittled or admired, we women have always shown the capacity for bravery and insight. What would man be without woman? What would the world be without love? What could the world become, if women's (and men's) true potentials were unleashed? Read, and enjoy.

Also in Series: Poetry for Women

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