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Mind/body is at the core of every martial art and what is compelling; a disrupted mind means a disrupted the body and vis-a-versa. So, what is new you may ask? More
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About Lor Mun Mak

I have never considered myself as special; never wanted or received any accolades that I could use to promote and market my credibility. In truth, I did not want to be in the limelight. Even so I still attracted my fair share of unwelcome challenges. My real drive in Martial Arts has always been directed to unravelling the illusion created by the marketers of Martial Artists. In truth learning to fight is founded on fragile minds that results in people following the spin dished up by the experts. I am sure many Artists are very good at what they do, but are driven to justify themselves in front of others, hence the muscle bound gladiator approaches that have narrowed the public’s perception of what Martial Artists should look like. I am writing this book to get people to look beyond the blinkered view of the current and past fighting arts. There is a lot more wonderment to be discovered when the desire for glory is put aside. I found the current batch of heroes could not imagine themselves facing a pack of people acting like wild dogs wanting their victim on the menu? The Question is, are you ready to experience the freedom of thought needed to survive such a chaotic situation? To me it’s only when you are caught out of your comfort zone can you become one with your Martial Art.

Let’s be real. Martial Arts has too many techniques. Have you wondered why? The study of techniques is really self-defeating, a real time waster, but on the other side people like them, so why not learn another I guess? All I personally wanted was a fighting system that would keep me alive when it counts and keep me out of social fights. Hence my personal quest: where are the Arts focused on Survival? OK. Yes. I spent more than forty year of worldly travels following the stories of great fighters and self-defense stylists, only to be disappointed that most of them wanted to show their prowess through some tit-for-tat fight process. No doubt they are good at what they do, but their training did not reflect what came out of their mouth. When asked why, the answer was “do you want a fight?” To me these are fragile personalities are caught up in their delusory creations and will fight anyone to keep it. I concluded, ‘I must be talking a different language’. To me one needs to treasure life, similar to a person needing float and swim in calm water or wild waters, to breathe and get to shore. Discipline may ass, you are being brainwashed to beat up on other Martial Artists. This sounds like drowning in other people’s blind faith. To focus on life is much more like the wilds, one slip up could mean death. I have spent most of my Martial Arts life promoting survival skills as an alternative to the social organized fighting approaches that have suppressed people’s instincts and filled their gut with fear.

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