Life 2.0

Cracks to another place or a dark abyss appear everywhere in a mans life . He doesnt know why only he can see them and everyone tells him he can leave whenever he wants. Until he drives straight into one. The ending will blow your mind to pieces!! More
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About Leonardo DiSalvatore

If you're reading this, thank you! I'm an adrenaline junky! I live for that feeling every moment of the day. Which speaks to why I no longer write anything while sitting (I recommend writing on your mobile in Google docs or word because I went from 6k to 9k words a day) I always wanted to be a storyteller, never used the word writer, because saying I wanted to be a writer felt like it had limitations. When I said storyteller, I meant tell stories through the craft of directing. It's still something I would love to do but the truth is, writing is the pulse to my heart, the very beat. I learned how much we feel as humans and if we bad no place to put all these feelings, we would be consumed. I did the most natural thing ever. I wrote. I learned that pain is love and love is pain but no matter, they all came from the same well and if I tapped on that well when writing, my writing would connect with people. I set out to make the hair on peoples neck stand up. I do that when I'm not posting shorts. I'm off trying to construct my fictional world and say goodbye to my favorite ones because it serves the plot, even though I love writing about him/her.

I'm a storyteller that has become a writer. I set most of all my books free. All I ask is for reviews. Peace and love L

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