Dissociative Identity Disorder in a Nutshell: A First-Hand Account

Dissociative Identity in a Nutshell is dedicated to bringing truthful and honest information to all about the realities of living with and recovering from a disorder that has been highly stigmatized by movies and television programs. More

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About Shirley J. Davis

I have been writing poetry and short stories since I was in the third grade. Now at the age of 56 I still enjoy penning my own thoughts. I am a woman living in Illinois who just happens to be in a wheelchair. I also live with a severe mental condition known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, once known as Multiple Personality Disorder. Due to this debilitating condition, I have been disabled since 1995 but I do not allow my diagnosis to define me. It is my sincere hope that by writing about my disorder, I can open the minds of the public to the reality of what it is like to live with DID. It is not as it is portrayed in Hollywood or on television, a rare and weird disorder that can sell theater tickets and advertisement slots. Rather, Dissociative Identity Disorder is an ingenious coping mechanism developed in early childhood that saved me from insanity. In order to spread the word, I have written three books. They are not full of gory details of what happened to me as a child, but packed full of information gleaned from my experiences in dealing with severe child abuse issues, and the healing process. i cover topics that no one else has covered at length such as integration and the phases of recovery. They are written in easy to understand language for professionals and non-professionals alike.


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