Tongues on Fire

Tongues on Fire are a must-read for those who are interested in the Pentecostal outpouring of God's Holy Spirit during the 1970's with an explanation as to why today's Pentecostalism have neglected to publically acknowledge tongues in worship services. Of special interest is a chapter on “the Mysterious Messengers”-the angels of God, who have played a vital role in producing this work. More

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About Leslie Barnett

In 1955 at the age of six I started to receive spiritual dreams which were simply dismissed as normal fanciful childhood imaginations. It was during this time that my late mother was tarrying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit: and like most Christian mothers brought me up to know the Lord. I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at the age of twelve and later began to speak in other tongues. Many times I would have prophecies given to me regarding what God had installed for me. Hence, at the age of twenty one my pathway was made clear. How so?
I was called by the Lord into Billy Graham’s Youth for Christ as a gospel singer. Christ’s message of love and peace was very much in vogue, made popular by the ‘Civil Rights Movement’ and the Vietnam War activist. The radio was bombarded with religious songs like “Jesus is just alright with me” by the Doobie Brothers and “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum. Then there were many counterfeit songs such as “My sweet Lord” by George Harrison who’s Lord was a Hindu deity named Krishna.
Nor can one not forget Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) who promoted his Islamic themed songs such as Peace Train and ‘Morning Has Broken’. Yet another added to the list of religious music was Pat Boone, who in the 1950’s was second only to Elvis Presley on the Hit charts before converting to Christianity. During the 1970’s Pat Boone founded his own record label Lamb & Lion Records. It was from this studio that Pat’s daughter, Debby Boone, recorded her No 1 hit: “You light up My Life”. But the biggest surprise of all was Bob Dylan’s song ‘Slow Train Coming’ which was listed in 1979 as one of the best Albums in Christian Music. There was also the Australian production of the hit musical ‘Godspell’ from which the leading lady was Australia’s own recording artist Colleen Hewett ( Day by Day ) who I had the honour of singing too in a children’s morning breakfast show. It was during this time many Christians from all denominations including Catholics were like those of the early apostles having the same enthusiasm in preaching with zeal and boldness.
Yes those were the glory days when simply worshiping quietly in song and praise would through the power of the Holy Spirit arose ones emotions to high levels. I recall one instance when my tears and laughter was so intense that my belly was about to burst in the overflowing of God’s blessing.
Apparently God was to enrich my Christian ministry with the opportunity to be part of a live radio broadcast held every Sunday morning at Melbourne’s 3DB studios. I thought all my blessings came at once when I was given an opportunity to sing Gospel Music alongside some of Australia’s finest country and western recording artist such as Cole Joy, and duo Bobby Bright and Laurie Allan. But my biggest break was being invited by Brian Cadd (assistant to Roger Savage) to give a demo tape at Bill Armstrong Studio South Melbourne. I was working at ‘Rose Music’ at that time were everyone in the music industry new Melbourne was Australian pop capital and Armstrong recording studio was “the engine room” equivalent to London legendary ‘Olympic Studios’.
However my quick step to fame was to be shattered when I realized that my invite wasn’t to sing but to sample my unusual synthesized sounds for advertising jingles. Nonetheless, nothing was lost, as the opportunity to meet with internationally renowned Brian Cadd who opened up my career through his number one hit -“Marshalls Portable Music Machine.” This was made possible due to an endorsement from ‘Fable Label’ to use the songs title in my sight act— a music machine style one-man-band. It was during that time that I was discovered by a talent scout who paved my career as a TV children’s presenter for Channel Nine television broadcast. This opened a door into the Australasian Christian Broadcasting Association where I hosted a TV religious segment with a well loved ventriloquist character named Elfie.
Although I was just a children’s personality, anyone whose face appeared on any of the four TV stations was a celebrity. This meant that I had a very rigorous time table which included church rallies, live TV shows, talk back radio, and appearances at clubs and shopping centres. I even got a gig at the Sydney Opera House.
Apart from music, I had always had a keen interest in electronics which enabled me to build not only my music machine but a animatronic robot who I named Algatron. This real to life personality became popular in the 1990’s among schools and shopping centres in a production called “Robotec”. Algatron was even invited by the then Minister for Science Peter McGauran to perform at Australia’s parliament house Canberra.
Currently I’m still entertaining with many of my technological innovations in science work-shops, religious seminars and country gospel music.
In looking back at my career I can see the hand of God teaching me all things through music theatre science and technology in preparation to the follow up to all my publications.

Am I qualified to be an author?

I should at this stage tell you that I was very hesitant in publishing my books because of my ‘Aspergers Syndrome’- a disability which makes the English language very foreign to my way of understanding.

A little about Aspergers (AS).

To those who have Aspergers, a computer far outweighs educators because it provides a sense of control by way of instant answers to questions posed. English grammar seems illogical to an Aspergers person, particularly when using adjectives. It interrupts the creative thought process which demands a pause to consider grammatical errors. However with the aid of a computers spell check, this problem is alleviated. Furthermore, Aspergers people think in paragraphs rather than words or sentences. This explains why they often seem rude in interrupting conversation in fear they may lose their thought.

The positives with Aspergers syndrome is that Science and maths are the best subjects- probably because its universal language allows thinking outside the square. There is much more to be said about this disability. But as far as I am concerned, having attributes of creativity and imagination are not disabilities but essential tools in piecing written words in various styles and techniques to communicate ideas.
But thankfully for me, according to the Bible, one does not need to have a doctorate in apologetics to decipher Gods Word! Mathew tells us in 11:25; “At that time Jesus said, “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and the intelligent and have revealed them to infants.” (NRSV)
Yes I am but a simple practicing Christian with a desire for justice and truth. My knowledge and revelation of God’s Word is collated from my own personal experience by affiliation with many diverse Christian faiths. So therefore let it be said that Gods Holy Spirit is the author of my books, and as such is to be given all honour and praise.

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