Dead Girl Moon

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Regina Slaughter, 11-year-old wolf girl, was, according to police reports, the victim of a brutal murder. In reality, she became the property of HADES, a mercenary company dedicated to wiping out the supernatural menace. Good always triumphs over evil, right? Not when evil locks you in a cage and does everything it can to destroy you. Disclaimer: violence, swearing, disregard for personal autonomy More
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About Jessica Halsey

Jessica Halsey is the author of The Slaughter Chronicles and The Heart of the Forest Cycle. She lives in the Arkansas and writes preternatural urban fantasy, paranormal horror, and experimental poetry. She earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College, a BA in Sociology from Randolph College, and has a day job where she pokes people with needles.

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E Scott reviewed on on Feb. 24, 2019

This is a difficult one. It's dark, brooding, engaging... but also confused, and with a heavy dollop of late-stage unexpectedly gorey gore. That gore knocked "enjoyment" (if that's the right word for dark fiction) out of the reading for me.

We meet Regina as an 11 year old girls trapped in a cage, surrounded by other inmates of a very unorthodox prison and guarded by men known as Hunters. She is a wolf, a shifter, but contained by silver and drugs as well as walls. Her cell-neighbour Tiffany shares with her dreams of escaping (while on her other side the foul-smelling Nathaniel shares... other things). One day, Tiffany isn't brought back to her cell after visiting the doctors. Regina won't let it lie. She may be small, but she's ready and willing to unleash hell upon her captors.

The good: it sets up the scene for the wolves vs Hunters narrative well, introducing the sinister doctor alongside the more military meat-head stereotype of guards.

The not sure: It's dark. Trigger Warning sort of things get implied. Strong swearing too. This may or may not be a problem to you.

Sometimes things get lost in the action, as if they just got missed out. The action at the end seemed to come out of nowhere. The riddles about Regina's mother and the religious aspects never get answered, and don't make a lot of sense. Assuming this is a prequel of sorts, it presumes we already know the supernaturals that turn up in this alt-reality and how they all work together... But we don't. There's a mention of vampires somewhere, but that's about it. Also, Regina doesn't sound like an 11 year old girl - she's way too mature (until the confusing point when she asks an adult what long words mean, but then seems to forget why she bothered.)

And the gore, when it happened, was jarringly strong. I expect some kind of nastiness what with werewolves having a bit of a biting-heads-off habit, but that wasn't the problem. It was Tiffany. I... didn't want to know that much detail, and it just turned the story extra sour for me. I almost DNF'd.

So overall, good writing, but... Yikes.
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