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Dennon Lark is a Scriber, a scholar of the Kingsland’s forgotten past who just wants to be left alone with his books. But when a group of rebels attack the realm with strange sorcery, Dennon’s research may hold the only way to stop them. Trusted by no one but Bryndine Errynson, the King’s infamous warrior niece, Scriber Dennon must uncover the kingdom's past in order to preserve its future. More

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Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
Words: 128,040
Language: English
ISBN: 9781465776457
About Ben S. Dobson

Ben S. Dobson is a Canadian fantasy author from the beautiful province of British Columbia. When he isn't writing books to indulge his lifelong passion for epic tales, he probably can be found playing Dungeons and Dragons, or watching a Joss Whedon show, or something equally geeky.

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Review by: Ann Bennett on Nov. 28, 2012 :
This was a good book, it flowed well and had a good plot.
My only complaint was that there were only two possible ways for it to end, so suspense wasn't there.
I liked most of the characters, and they developed well as the book progressed.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Deb Novack on Nov. 11, 2011 :
The fantasy genre was not always a favorite of mine, but after reading Sciber I think I have become a believer. I really liked the strong women characters and I even enjoyed Dennon Lark as he embarked on his journey. The plot was a good flowing one and I will definitely read more by this author.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: mirrani on Nov. 10, 2011 :
Anyone who has played the Myst series on their computer has some idea of what it is like to read Scriber. The beauty of the world before you, one that is almost exactly the same, yet somewhat different from what you know, with a hint of fantasy thrown in and a need to focus on the written word are the real elements that charge your mind as you read. Knowledge in this world is power and while writing things don't make them happen as they do in the Myst series, the struggle to find what was once lost reminds one of searching the worlds in hopes of finding some clue to the next step in the journey.

This is an ancient-style world of kings and their armies who travel by horseback, but the people are not lost in their education. Schooling is important, or it was before a certain part in history where learning (and books) were banned. Scribes have survived this time and have knowledge of healing, history and warfare. Their word is almost as much a part of the law as the king's and the telling of this story through the eyes of one famous Scriber makes the tale so real to the heart that it is as if everything unfolds right before your eyes, in true, three dimensional visions.

If I was to worry about anything, it was that the main character was slightly too centered on all of his faults, but that was easily outweighed by the trueness of all of the characters to each other and to their situations. The light fantasy left me craving more of the history of this land, desperately clinging to what was said in an attempt to draw out every last bit of knowledge to complete everything that could not be told in one book. This is as it should be, something to make a Scriber proud.

Note: Though this book was a free gift from the author, the content of my review was in no way influenced by the gifting. The book speaks for itself and my review would have been worded just this way even if I'd gone out and bought it. I also give bonus points for Text To Speech enabling on Kindle format.... but that also wasn't a factor in the above review.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: jordan chapman on Nov. 08, 2011 :
Amazing book! Loved the plot and really felt that I got to know the characters. Captivated from the beginning to the end!
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: April on Nov. 04, 2011 :
A truly captivating read from start to finish. I enjoyed watching Dennon Lark's personal growth and the formation of his relationships with the warrior women. Dobson has incredibly complex, well developed characters woven into a fascinating plotline. I am not usually a reader of the fantasy genre, but this book has become one of my favourites. I will read it again and again, and advise others to do the same.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Natasha Inconnue on Nov. 02, 2011 :
After reading this book I immediately logged on to my local library site and searched for more by this author. This fantasy novel kept my attention from the very first page to the last. If you're looking for a book with strong well-written characters and an intriguing hero's quest plotline, look no farther. This is also a great book if you like strong non-traditional female characters.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Kathryn Merkel on Nov. 01, 2011 :
Ben S Dobson enchanted me with his tale of misfits in Scriber. The lead character, Dennon Lark, is a discredited scholar who has limped off to lick his wounds in private after failing miserably to locate a fabled collection of ancient writings. When the small village where he chose to hide is overrun by the Burnt, he is dragged kicking & screaming back into his abandoned quest by a motley crew of female warriors led by Bryndine Errynson. Over the course of their journey, Dennon, Bryndine & her loyal band of followers face unbelievable odds as they struggle to save the people of their world from an otherworldly foe. Beset at every turn by the contempt of their countrymen for their efforts, it is only because of the strength of will shown by Bryndine that the group soldiers on & eventually completes their task. Scriber is the first of Mr. Dobson’s work that I have read & it will not be my last.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Hannah Hummel on Oct. 26, 2011 :
I loved this book because it had a very interesting plot.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Donna Lawrence on Oct. 23, 2011 :
Ben Dobson is an excellent fantasy novelist. This book is an excellent fast paced novel. It reminded me of medieval Europe, England, during the monumental reign of King Uther Pendragon. I was able to envision this book in a movie format while reading it, assigning current actors to the characters in the book. (This is rare for me, I don't usually do this while reading). There is enough fantasy and twists and turns to keep all readers enthralled. The characters portrayed in this book are rich and fascinating- I loved the female warriors. I encourage any lover of fantasy to read this book.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Mike Davis on Oct. 22, 2011 :
There are many good things to say about "Scriber," not the least of which is that it's a well written fantasy story that holds your attention throughout. There are thinly-veiled metaphors that parallel Biblical history but the story is not a sermon as such. History is the theme and a quest to retrieve it leads to the question of a zombie-like resurrection of the dead to prevent knowledge of the past. I've given it four stars only because it doesn't really break any new ground, but as a fantasy novel, it is perhaps worth all five. It is a must read for fantasy lovers.

This book was received from the author through Smashwords in exchange for an honest review.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Huibert-Jan Lekkerkerk on Oct. 22, 2011 :
Got this book through the LT member giveaway program. Great book to read if you are into fantasy and mythical beings. The book has a good length, not to long and not to short. The way it is writen it keeps you into the story while at the same moment giving you enough details and background on the characters to make it come alive.
The only thing that could be improved upon is giving the background a bit earlier in the story. It now makes you wonder from time to time what is going on. For example there is a lot of talk about the 'Old garden' and it is not untill (much) later in the book that you find out that it is a kind of religous building and not a true garden. The same on other religous points that are not crucial to the story but would have given it a bit more backbround (and not made me wonder...)
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Catherine Milkowski on Oct. 18, 2011 :
If this is a first novel then I'm a purple monkey.
Scriber is a wonderful mix women warriors, patriarchal society, spirits, history and and emotional turmoil that really draws you in.
You'll mock Dennon's faults, growl with Sylla's territorialness, love Wynne's innocence and cheer Bryndine's stoicism. The story twists just the right amount to keep you thinking and enjoying, while the action is neither over-bearing in epic or boredom.
Overall, this is the BEST novel I've gotten off the Member Giveaways.
Read it.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Catherine Milkowski on Oct. 18, 2011 : (no rating)
If this is a first novel then I'm a purple monkey.
Scriber is a wonderful mix women warriors, patriarchal society, spirits, history and and emotional turmoil that really draws you in.
You'll mock Dennon's faults, growl with Sylla's territorialness, love Wynne's innocence and cheer Bryndine's stoicism. The story twists just the right amount to keep you thinking and enjoying, while the action is neither over-bearing in epic or boredom.
Overall, this is the BEST novel I've gotten off the Member Giveaways.
Read it.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Doskoi Panda on Oct. 12, 2011 :
Ben S. Dobson's Scriber lured me in with its promise of an academic's adventure tale, which it handsomely delivered. Scriber recounts the story of Dennon Lark, a disgraced scholar of history, as he joins with a group of military women, who are shunned and belittled, to stop a serious assault on the kingdom. There are two major mysteries to solve - how the attackers, called the burners, manage to appear and disappear, seemingly by magic; and the reasons behind their attacks. This leads the band through a dangerous landscape, in search of discovering answers thought long lost.

The main characters in the novel are well fleshed out and their descriptions are part of the story, moving it forward rather than wallowing or padding it. The women are strong and memorable without being made ridiculous or mythic. Scriber is well written, not bogged down with jargon or stilted language, and with little waste or over-padding to obfuscate the tale. This lends itself well to the pacing of the story, which flowed well and, again, was not impeded; the author's focus remained fixed on the telling of the tale.

I haven't many criticisms to make about Scriber - it's well written and paced - other than that in places it feels a bit overly sentimental, and the ending was predictable (though the story getting there was not). I would have liked more background on the various events and figures from the realm's history, and a little more on the religion, though these are not necessary to the story.

Scriber is a treasure hunt, a historical-mystery with a touch of horror, and a love-letter to all those who promote truth and understanding, and seek their own path despite difficulties. An excellent fantasy novel, and particularly superb beacon in the indie fantasy sphere. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and recommend it to any who are looking for a stand-alone fantasy novel in the scholars and swords genre*.

Review copy supplied by the author as part of Librarything's Member Giveaway program.
*I may be making up a new genre there.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Christopher Kellen on Oct. 08, 2011 :
Scriber is, at its heart, a story about the value of history. The description of the book does it justice, so I will not repeat a basic summary in this review. The wrapping for the historical theme is an epic/heroic fantasy, filled with legends, monsters, betrayals, unexpected allies and true heroism.

The cast of characters, including the reluctant Dennon Lark, the stoic Bryndine Errynson, and her company of female warriors, is both charming and engaging. The fact that I can remember many of their names even though I finished reading it two days ago is a testament to just how strongly these characters come across.

The world itself reminds me of the history of Great Britain, with enough fantasy elements and well thought-out and intriguing world-building to truly pull you in. Being a fantasy world creator and fanatic myself, Mr. Dobson has truly created something wonderful here, and I hope he intends to visit it again. The history of his world is riveting, full of intrigue and danger, and is one of the more believable fantasy settings I have had the pleasure to come across.

The story has enough twists and turns to keep any lover of fantasy, problem-solving or discovery fascinated. It has almost a treasure-hunt vibe, and Dobson is not afraid to make the moments count and raise the stakes. Discoveries in the plot are well-timed, with nothing seeming rushed, and true surprises coming out of the shadows.

I really can’t describe in text how much I liked this book. The independent author community should welcome this new writer with open arms, because he will be lending credit to our movement for years to come.

Final Score: 5 out of 5. Buy and read this book – and do it now.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: MrsFlicker on Oct. 04, 2011 :
SCRIBER by Ben S. Dobson has created a must-read version of an old concept. The value of history has intrigued man for generations. Wondering why things are the way they are, why people are who they are, and what exactly happened in the past to create the present is not a new set of ideas. Dobson uses these ideas that seem to be genetically embedded in the human psyche to create a spellbinding story that keeps readers enthralled. The novel adds creative evidence to the argument that one’s past is indeed important—often more important than first realized. In fact, Dobson’s novel suggests that realizing the importance of one’s personal, cultural, and national history can be so vital that it saves the future from extinction. It is a novel that is not only worth reading once, but is worthy of saving in order to read it again—and again.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

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