Love Conquers

When you reach the bottom love can lift you higher than you ever dreamed.

For Pat and Ashley that was exactly what happened, unfortunately life has a way of hurling you back down again.

Can our lovers overcome the obstacles that life throws at them and continue the dream? Or will fate deliver one blow too many?

Be aware that this book concerns transgender characters. More

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About Anna Na Maus

I was born in Cheshire in 1972. At primary school, I discovered two things that would eventually lead to me becoming the person I am today. The first wasn't actually at school, it was at home, when my big sister dressed me up in her nurses uniform. She was three years older than me and I have no idea what her intention was, but it planted in a seed in my soul that has grown and blossomed ever since.

The second thing did happen in school. I had a teddy bear called Albert that my cousin had given me. I loved that bear and, when we were given the task of writing a story in class, I made the story about him. Albert was a superhero and my story filled three exercise books. I discovered that I loved writing. Before I left primary school I remember writing a second story, a Sherlock Holmes sort of thing where twins deceived the Police to commit a murder.

During my early teens I dressed as often as I could, usually borrowing my sister's clothes. At the age of fifteen, my parents caught me. They were mad and I was asked if they needed to take me to a shrink or was it just a stupid phase. Given that choice, I lied and said it was a phase. I carried on dressing afterwards, I was just a little more careful.

My writing continued, I had some bad times in my twenties when I nearly died from a rare illness which affects me to this day, and I began writing dark poetry, much of which was presented on a website called Dark Thoughts. One piece was published in a book called Poetry by Moonlight. My first taste of publication.

Despite my health I tried to lead a normal life but as I have become worse I became limited with what I could do and when I fell off a ladder and broke my back it was the final straw, so now I spend most of my time writing, although I am trying to do some voice-over work. We'll see where that goes.

For now, I am continuing to work on the Angels books with a few romances thrown in for good measure.

About the Series: The Marchland Files
Stories from the files of leading psychologist Dr Sylvia Marchland. Dr Marchland deals with transgender issues every day and is renowned for her ability to help others help themselves. If it's love and romance that you're looking for look no further, just remember love takes many forms.

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