The Entity

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The entity comes to you in your sleep. It traps you. You may struggle and scream all you want but once you close your eyes, you're never waking up. More

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About Izu Obi

Izu Obi was born in Lagos Nigeria in 1997. He is a writer, Poet, Editor, Graphic designer amongst others. he started writing his first book (Vane) when he was fifteen. while trying to juggle being a writer and also an engineering student, he ended up completing his first book when he was nineteen. He is currently a student and an advocate for a peaceful, non tribalistic Nigeria

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Review by: Dorcas on Jan. 15, 2019 :

The ENTITY by IZU OBI presents the harrowing experience of a school boy in an abused home. Employing the second person narrative, the writer gives a succint description of the horrors a boy faced due to his inability to save his mother from his abusive father. Will he be able to fight his mares when it comes to him in form of an entity? The answer lies within the pages of this captivating book.
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Review by: okegbe Ezekiel on Jan. 5, 2019 : (no rating)
An extraordinary story..told from the voice of an outstanding story teller...a must read
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Review by: esosao993 kolawole X on Jan. 5, 2019 :
This is a beautiful scary story. I was hoping poor junior will wake up but he never did. This story reminds me of sleep paralysis where you force yourself to wake up. You wrote this story in a dimension I've never seen. Wow!
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Review by: Chidinma Brown on Jan. 5, 2019 :
Believe me when I say you shouldn't take my word for it. I am no expert, acclaimed writer or renowned critic. I'm just another obscure aspiring writer who has managed to publish nothing and still grapples with a bout of incurable indolence spanning four years.
That aside. Not half an hour ago, I completed reading through your short story, "The Entity".
Yours is the first piece of literature written in the second person that I have read and I suspect it's a particularly tricky perspective to write from.
However, I can say that you employed it with great efficacy in "The Entity"; it had the added effect of sucking me into the book against my wish, enveloping me with sheer dread and making me wish to escape the horrid reality that I had been brutally transported into.
Horror stories aren't exactly right up my alley, the only tales I've read in that genre being Bram Stoker's "Dracula" and Mary R. Shelley's "Frankenstein", both of which I enjoyed immensely.
With "The Entity" you have done justice to the genre. I find your story greatly unsettling which I reckon is the sole objective of horror stories. I was, in turns, horrified, discombobulated, disgusted, dismayed and simply panicked. All these emotions were always underlined by an overbearing sense of dread and horror. If this gamut of feelings are anything to go by, I can safely say "The Entity" is a job well done.
While "The Entity" is a compelling, riveting, terrifyingly absorbing page turner, there are a few lapses I would like to point out.
At some points, however, my practiced eyes (don't take me seriously) lit upon some mix-ups in tenses and a sizable number of almost negligible grammatical slips which, fortunately, do only slight damage to the overall integrity of the book.
Well, these miscues are far and in between and are nothing that wouldn't be rectified with a few minor tweaks here and there.
On the whole, I think "The Entity" is a solid read riddled with suspense, apprehension and imagery so vivid I could smell the reek and rot of The Entity from the computer's screen.
You wrote it so well that, for long spells, I was more terrified than the main character and I wished more than anything to get to the last page. It was that gripping.
I can, with all conviction, tell you that The Entity is a not a character I'd heartily clasp hands with and that YOUR Ikeja is not a safe place to raise kids.
Whew! Thank goodness I have successfully teleported back to the real world, but be informed that if I have any nightmares tonight, you'll be wholly to blame.
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Review by: Jane Archer on Jan. 5, 2019 :
The entity is a fresh, tense psychological thriller with a tad unusual point of view. Click clack the rattle bag meets Inception in this delightfully spine tingling offering from author Izu Obi. This story plays on the ideology that our greatest fears comes from nowhere but within ourselves where the unknown, shadows, and alleyways house horrors our little minds cannot begin to imagine. Or perhaps, it's our imagination that bests us. The tenet serves the story well, and while I never once dropped the book out of boredom, I was a bit dissatisfied. The question in my brain kept repeating-- where? Where? Where?-- over and over again. But that is the beauty of the book. I mulled over my questions and delved even deeper in the story and I realised that fast paced changes in setting were something I'd never fully understand until I'd had a lucid dream, myself.
The plot is simple; abused boy with a violent father, falls asleep and gets chased about by a crazy, homicidal, nightmarish creature that no one can see. The main character, Junior or Visitor, is not your particular heartthrob character. He's a big wuss in my book, and does nothing but scream, complain, and run away from danger, even sometimes abandoning his friends in the process. But his trait made me care about the story even more.
This quick read contains all the familiar horror tropes, but pervading even those moments was an oppressive sense of the unknown, a cloaking, thick oppression of tension and stress. Izu Obi succeeds at evocating all these feelings to the reader. Somethings I found mildly irritating, like the point of view, which at first felt like reading a self help book, and the characters many weaknesses and lack of humour. But I was entertained nonetheless, and I'd read this horror story again and again if I had to.
So stay up late with this otherworldly frightening young adult story, The Entity, grab a cup of coffee because if you fall asleep, you're never waking up.
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Review by: Robert King on Jan. 4, 2019 :
I've been a huge fan of Izu since he wrote the novel, Vane. When I heard that he'd begun writing short Horror stories, I realised that paradise was at hand. I wasn't disappointed.
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Review by: Black Lord, Sr on Jan. 4, 2019 :
This is a good paranormal book. I feel this writer wants to show the downside of engaging in lucid dreaming. Though it's horrifyingly well written and with a wierd point of view, I feel there's more to the story than meets the eye.
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Review by: Carla Sumner on Jan. 4, 2019 :
Very well written, keeps you entranced. The story made me feel everything the character felt, and when it ended the way it did, I felt like throwing my iPad against a brick wall. Then I realised, it's just a story. And in horror, the characters always dies in the end (oops!).
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