The Inbetweeners:Emily

What is the definition of madness? You do the same thing but expect different results, the truth is, most people fall into this category, living humdrum lives, aching for change but experiencing the same. Emily, a forthright and formidable woman, is a bondservant to being anything but humdrum. Determined to be free, unafraid to be honest and suffer the consequences of that honesty, she plans ... More

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About Julie Grinnell

I never thought or prayed to be a business woman, I just am. Through the years I have helped grow other businesses as well as launching my own endeavors that came to fruition. The ability I have, to ‘see’ what is needed to move a company to the next level, whether this is the launch or expansion of the company, is a gift from God. Let me explain...

As a young girl growing up in the UK, I remember going to the fish and chip shop in the village we lived in with my dad. The shop had just changed hands and they were changing the name of the business. I liked the old name better and so we talked about it. Dad explained that it was all about identity and what the owner was looking to establish and went on to explain that as words have meanings, even our own names mean something. I was fascinated by what he had to say and thought of the endless possibilities of names for the little, but highly successful, fish ‘n chip shop when it occurred to me that all the shops in the village were very busy yet this did not reflect the local population at the time and I became curious about business development and the success of a company.

During my high school years I dreamt of the types of businesses I would be interested in owning and developed as an entrepreneur with my father as my first client. My father worked as a painter and decorator and was made redundant from a long-standing position with a company in the neighboring town. He must have felt desperate; three young children, a wife, house, car, no office skills or qualifications and no money. I remember the day it was announced he’d lost his job, I’d been attending high school for a few months, I’ll never forget his face, but I saw the new circumstances differently to him, I saw it as a way to move forwards rather than a set back and said so. He just shook his head at the prospect of working for himself and sat heavy-hearted at the kitchen table when I announced I had a plan for his business and that it was called a business plan. I explained that the first stages of the plan were to market his services by telling everyone how great a painter and decorator he was. I remember his smile, it was a little wry but more than anything, it was a smile you give a child for being so simple. I then went on to tell him that there was no time like the present and that we should put what we knew about him and the services he had to offer on a piece of paper, which could be typed and pinned to all of the notice boards in the village, and as they say, the rest is history.

God Spoke, I Listened

Knowing my limitations I stuck to what I knew worked and had no vision or dream to develop or publish a magazine, this all changed when I heard from God.

It was at the end of the summer of 1998, I was waiting for a client who was running late when I heard God, He simply said to read a magazine. I immediately thought that there probably wasn’t a title I would be that interested in, but went ahead anyway, after I’d finished turning the last page to the magazine I sat wondering if I’d missed something when God spoke again, what He said changed me and the rest of my life forever.

“I want you to develop a magazine for Me.”

As soon as He spoke I started to laugh. I wasn’t laughing at Him, but the idea of me writing an article was ridiculous to me, once I’d stopped laughing this is what I said.

“God, have You forgotten I’m dyslexic?”

His response was direct, “Julie, have you forgotten I am God.” I stopped laughing and that night I wrote my first article. I didn’t bother to re-read it, and soon after shutting the computer down for the evening God prompted me to read what I’d written. I didn’t ask why, I just went back to the computer and did as He requested. No sooner had I read the first sentence when I exclaimed that I was right, I couldn’t do it; the article was a mess …. but He showed me something that I had never seen before, He showed me that I could see what was wrong and because of this, I thought I could edit it. That night I went to bed with hope but before I slept, God had one more thing to do. I didn’t ask for it, I wasn’t thinking about it, but as I sat reading, God touched me and I received healing. I remembered the sensation of light electrical charges running through my head, then as if my brain actually moved. The next time I took a look at that article, I was able to edit it and from that day on, I made plans and gathered information for the magazine that He gave the title, Living Spirit

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