Accelerate the Law of Attraction Using A Pyramid Mind Machine

The book discusses on a pyramid shaped object for accelerating the law of attraction using meditation a copper pyramid and an electromagnetic frequency generator. Also a special information disc or drive discusses on suppressed science, technology, business, health, etc. FREE catalogue in the index of the book. More

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About Raymond Ebbeler

As a health counselor / instructor for Health Wealth Stealth Institute for Men and Women; Raymond Ebbeler educates individuals on the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies (PEMF) for Health Wealth and Stealth. Recently became a certified business credit consultant to assist home based business with multiple lines of credit and loans for the business

However, through eCommerce new opportunities for starting a home-based business are promoted for health and wellness as a health informatics specialist.

Four DVDs and more recently custom-designed flash drives (more data) comprise a 12-week course to allow students to become Truth Seekers as Netpreneurs (Internet Entrepreneurs) using successful business models as monetized platforms for promoting health and wealthness to electronic (ePatients) patients using stealth approaches. According to Paul Zane Pilzer, a leading economist, the next trilion dollar industry is the health and wellness industry. Mr. Ebbeler also was an online student working towards a Ph.D. in Health Psychology at Walden University but was discouraged by the department for writing a paper on the soul or spirit for a health and wellness model which got him blacklisted. He was further prevented from doing a literature review on electromagnetic frequencies specific to neurotheology --. As an inventor the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt is scaled down in size to construct a cavity resonator with the angle of inclination as the pi and phi ratio important as sacred geometry. The evolution of the PyramuTronix Resonator -- as an invention to capture the aether abundant with photon energy-- is to synchronize photons inside the cavity with the biophotonic emissions (BPE) of biological systems of humans and animals. Therefore, a prototype device called the PyramuTroniX Resonator accelerates the law of attraction using electromagnetic frequencies to manifest dreams, desires, and wishes into reality.

Synopsis of the Book
The book is divided into three parts and the Appendix. Esoteric science provides a foundation specific to spirit and includes terms such as aether, law of attraction, thought-forms, etc.
Part I addresses an overview of the PyramuTroniX Resonator as the discipline of Radionics and emphasizes the principle of mind over matter which has significance for theory and application based on the shape of the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt and the Radionic wishing machine schematic.
Part II is exoteric science on the Mobius (Mu) coil -- a crystalline circuit that evolves from quartz to solid state circuitry (the wishing machine) – called a black box. From a quantum electrodynamics (QED) perspective photons/light (spirit) and biophotons (material/physical) are combined as a coupling process for manifesting thought forms into reality.
Part III concludes with future discussion for using the same energy sources discussed in parts I and II respectively. The construction of the PyramuTroniX Resonator (4-CD/DVD Set) – is a kit to build an experimental device with no claims for health and wellness but the means to approximate positive end-results through multiple trials which requires the law of attraction as a non-linear processing of quantum information in a spacetime continuum -- addressed as contextual creative matrices or thought-forms as Biblical truth and faith which are distinct from the secular definition for truth and faith for a renewal of the mind. This sub-section is written for everyone who desires to become Christian and completes the triad as spirit, mind, and body as a tri-hierarchical (three-hierarchy) process.
The Appendix is where the Special Information Discs (SID) project promotes an awareness on health wealth and stealth as existing or customized DVDs (FREE catalogue).

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