5 Blades: Riveting Realms of Adventure

Thriller paced action, shocking twist endings, alternative history, engaging characters, visionary science fiction, suspenseful page turners, epic adventures, and barbaric fantasy all wrapped up in one entertaining bundle. More
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About Drew Briney

Drew explores what happens when technology clashes with magic. He’s been compared to Ursula LeGuin (Harry Potter influence), Elaine Cunningham (Forgotten Realms), and Fydor Dostoevsky (Crime and Punishment), but he takes his greatest pride in the fact that he can juggle more balls than any other author on the planet.

His books feature post-apocalyptic genetically engineered humans joining forces with magically empowered aliens (Moon 514), superstitious steampunk societies warring with a magical society temporarily deprived of its magic (Unproven), high-tech assassins trying to distinguish memory implants from reality (Assassin Hunter), drug enhanced magic systems (Slice), psionically gifted dragons, telepathic griffons, symbiotic vampiric vines, and entrancing world building that has been compared to Ursula Le Guin. He aims to deliver thriller pacing a la Dan Brown and tightly outlined Brandon Sanderson-esque plots all while exploring deeply personal character growth.

He accidentally found himself a top 5 author at SciFiFantasyFreak.com (for Moon 514) and a bestselling author in SFF Anthologies (for 5 Blades). Currently, Drew’s working on a screenplay for Unproven (as a teen animated series) and Sea Dragon Apocalypse (a futuristic sci-fi thriller meets epic fantasy mashup).

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