The Busy Person's Guide To Natural Health

"The Busy Person’s Guide To Natural Health" is not simply a list of dos and don’ts; instead, it teaches you how to make decisions that will optimize your experience of health on all levels by approaching health from a natural perspective, meaning creating optimal conditions for your body to heal, repair and thrive in today’s world. More
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April 25, 2019
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About Maggie Percy

Maggie & Nigel Percy of Sixth Sense Solutions have been working with a global clientele since 2000, providing support for all manner of personal growth goals. As experts in the intuitive method called dowsing, they share their expertise to help others get ‘unstuck’ and manifest their goals more easily. Their passion is to teach people how to use this natural skill to improve their lives, and since 2012, they have spent more and more of their time as authors. Their nonfiction books relate to dowsing, healing, space clearing and intuitive pet care.

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About the Series: Busy Person's Guides
The Busy Person's Guides give you all the information you need to become competent fast in key techniques of value to spiritual seekers, healers and energy workers. No filler. No fluff. A great low price. Individual guides are available in ebook format, and the entire series is also available as both an ebook and paperback.

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