Mirror Mafia

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Mirror Mafia is a coming of age story set in the past and present, some of which is rooted in real history from the author’s life. “A Bronx Tale” and “Goodfellas” inspired, It portrays teens growing up in “The Life” in contrast to those born into a mafia family, set in the 80's and 90's in the south and east Bronx. More
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About Max Stravagar

When you download Mr Stravagar's book(s) please give it a review, so that he can continue to create wonderful contents, if not many or all of his books might cost the next reader a needless purchase. You might be that very person. Reviews matter and effects book sales. Most revenues will be donated to the authors favorite charities. Gang violence prevention and anti racism and disscrimation causes.

The New Crime Fiction Author M.G. Stravagar is a political activist, International speaker based in Queens, NYC. He is queried more than 18 million searches for his online eBooks. Over the years, a number of titles have gone under a change including the author’s name.

Mr Stravagar is a super memory hero, weaving some of his adventures and life experiences into his books, and has never had writers block. He is an animal person and enjoys a nice cold beer watching the games with his buddies.

As a child he fell in love with the written word, so much, that his local library kicked him out for using too much typing paper and told never to come back again this led to code writing and helped form a healthy mistrust of society’s institutions.

Max Stravagar has nicked named his readers and his music fans “The Stravoz” and “The Srabblers”similar to the way millennial musicians and singers have today, and is the first to do so in two different category's.

Max background is White, Jewish, black and Latino, he is also related to George Washington and President Solon Wilches founder of Santander nation.

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Steve Kinsmen Steve Kinsmen reviewed on on April 17, 2019

Mirror Mafia is a Jem of a read however, the pages needs to be lengthen and some of the characters need more development not because of terrible writing but from a curious need to see more of the darker side of black magic.
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Tracy Morrison reviewed on on April 3, 2019

Shirt Red!

A bumpy boat ride, you are going to need a life jacket and a rope tide to your chair, as a tsunami will go over you and bring you to a dizzy spell the end results you are left on a paradise beach filled with fruit delights. Try not to eat the cherries it will stain your shirt red!
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Martin Blackwell reviewed on on March 25, 2019


A story filled with teenager killers and bad people, vying for power, by any means necessary, even resorting to black magic creates a new dynamic in Crime Fiction, if you like bizarre murders and dark magic fiction and dysfunctional love stories, park your reading finger onto this great New Crime Fiction, Mirror Mafia will bring you everything you expect and more…get ready to lift off the ground.
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JakeRose reviewed on on March 22, 2019

Zenith Heights

Mirror Mafia tells a tale of the occult and the Mafia rarely told in such a way if not ever, its unique subject matter brings a new side of “New Crime Fiction” to zenith heights, the peaks and valleys will have you strapped to your seat, a fun and enticing read worth the purchase.
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Mark Smith reviewed on on Feb. 20, 2019

Surprises Punches

I have come across many great writers Max Stravagar’s body of works, clearly demonstrates his knack for unique and inspiring story telling. Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, you are punched with a multitude of surprises all along the way; so much I could not put it down till the end. Proud to be called a Srabbler and join the community of fans.
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