Finding "Perfect" People: A Hiring Manual for Everyone

Three decades of hiring & recruiting experience have been filtered down into this short synopsis, providing anyone, whether a hiring manager, recruiter, executive or company owner, with proven principles of successful hiring. More

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About Réal Laplaine

Love coffee, reading, binge-watching Netflix and HBO - and of course writing.

I'm an activist for human rights and equality; I believe that nuclear weapons must be entirely banned and that we must advance our culture to relying on the one quality which humanity excels in - our intelligence; and where necessary, take on the bullies in the world like men and not cower behind weapons of mass destruction or war. Where I grew up, you met bullies in an alley or the school yard and it was all over in minutes.

I know, through a lifetime of searching, that our potential as people far exceeds what we are generally taught to believe and that there is a lot of snake oil being sold as the road to "salvation".

I come from Canada, but I spent many years working in the United States, a great country and a wonderful people, but one plagued with a terribly dysfunctional system of politics which is dividing the nation and eroding the principles that made it great.

Today, I live in Sweden with my wife and two cats, where I write and publish, as well as providing management consultation and recruiting to companies - which I specialized in while living in America for over thirty years.

I also created and oversee two forums, International Writers Inspiring Change, to help promote my fellow authors, and Equality: It's our Right! to promote human rights and to spotlight the issue of human trafficking in our world. Two of my books, See Me Not and Quantum Assault, are thematically based on sex trafficking rings and while fictionalized scenarios, are based on fact, not fiction.

So, with that lengthy diatribe - enjoy the visit.

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